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  1. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    looking for 3" pipes headers down. larger turbo and inter cooler. and cobb ecu management system. living in ont willing to travel. looking to make sleep wagon. open to cash and trades.
  2. Vehicles for sale
    WTB a 2002-04 WRX with preferably low miles (Less then 110k) Preferred Colors: Blue, White, Black Dont really care about mods, as long as it doesnt have a rebuilt tranny/motor or a motor swap. If you have something text 765-969-2116 with some pics. Thanks! -Andy
  3. Vehicles for sale
    Looking for a WRX, in the 6-7k price range. Will pay cash. email, [email protected]
  4. Vehicles for sale
    just signed up for this site, craigslist is useless, im in suffolk county and im looking for a 04 and up wrx, 5 speed, any color, preferably stock, no tunes i dont want somebody elses problem, 100k or under miles
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i was wondering if any of you guys have a block where theres nothing wrong with it (please no rod bearing problems) and i can just bolt it up and expect her to run like a beauty in the end with just bolting it up, no cracked ringlands, gouged cylinders, basically a good working condition block...
  6. Vehicles for sale
    I am looking to Buy either of the said cars, i am willing to pay $13,000 - $16,000 Looking for a BONE STOCK car or one with small mods, Short throw and sways, new wheels ETC, IF you find or want to sell me one please reply also my time Frame to buy is some time in August, I do make websites and...
  7. NWS: Local For Sale Only !
    Looking to buy or trade for some 18's or 17's. Preferable white rotas, but may be interested in Gold or Black. I have my stock wheels for trade or my suspension. Both coming off an 03 WRX. Let me know what you got.
  8. SWS: Local For Sale Only !
    HI there fellow wrx owners i am new to the site and new to the subaru family:wiggles: I am in dire need of a factory catted down pipe for my 2010 wrx. when i bought the car it came with an invidia turbo back exhaust. and now need to pass smog so i can register and get to drivin;) Any help at...
  9. Tri-State Local For Sale Only !
    As the title state, I'm looking for the front bumper and passenger side fender for my 2005 Wrx sedan. Specifically I'm looking for OBP but I will consider other colors/primer. Local only as I will pick up but basically have to fit it in my car. PM me your price and I will get back to you...
  10. Vehicles for sale
    Looking for a 2002 - 2006 WRX in good shape with under 100k miles. Prefer blue or silver and sunroof but open to others. Car needs to be able to pass MD inspection. Well maintained and nice exterior / interior are more important than mods right now. Willing to drive a good distance for the right...
  11. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I need an 06/07 Wrx flywheel as soon as possible. It needs to be the version with the slight step in the clutch plate mating surface, and I would prefer that it is just a stock wheel, no lightweight (unless you are willing to give me an amazing deal). I will pay for shipping completely if it...
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i want to buy a td04 turbo for my blue bugeye
  13. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am looking to buy a car in the next month or so and i am looking for a wrx somewhere in the southeastern area of Nebraska (around Lincoln). I prefer a manual transmission and the sedan version rather than the wagon. Message me if interested. Email: [email protected]
  14. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    title says it, located in San Diego. would be happy to discuss shipping if i cant find one locally. doesn't have to be silver, just one that would look good on a silver wagon (and fits with no new drilling). thanks guys
  15. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    around 20,000 miles ago i bought tbe and a cai, i need the down pipe to put on for inspection but if anyone needs the stock 05 wrx airbox, up pipe, and cbe shoot me a pm. only about 30,XXX miles on the parts. im in new jersey btw.
  16. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for a race pipe for a 2005 WRX.
  17. Vehicles for sale
    Hi, I am looking to pick up a 2004-2006 WRX sedan. Preferences: -Manual Transmission -Never modified (as close to stock as possible) -Premium package (heated seats, sunroof) -Close to NY (I would not mind driving out to meet you somewhere for the right car) I have cash on hand and am ready to...
  18. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I've got a 2003 wrx that needs some performance headers. only have a few requests: 1. be serious about selling 2. must be still in working condition and somewhat new looking (if used) 3. must be performance; i am not looking for stock replacement headers. 4. equal-length headers would be a...
  19. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am looking for a few body parts for my 07 WRX TR, :( looking for a front bumper cover, stock black preferably but not necessary. may be aftermarket body parts too but I am not trying to spend alot of money for I have none, Also a hood may be in order as well, and a right side view mirror...
  20. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i am located in long beach, CA. i have an 07 wrx and willing to drive richard pm me if you have any please thanks