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  1. tune, ap help

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I have a 2005 wrx and am motor swapping to one with around 40k, with that ive decided to go stage 2 with it. I plan on having it protuned within a week, my question is will a cobb ap v3 stage 2 be okay for the time being up until the pro tune? mods- catless downpipe catless uppipe short ram intake
  2. New WRX Owner!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all! Just bought a 2017 WRX with the CVT transmission. I've done a lot of research over the years (love these cars), so I have pretty good understanding, but wanted to hear thoughts on any positive, fun, necessary, etc. mods that can be made. I'm not looking to turn in this into a full on...
  3. CT: 2010 WRX STI Special Edition Aspen White

    Vehicles for sale
    Currently up for auction on eBay, ends 3/29, no reserve “real” auction 😊 Item #383477512558 21K obo to end auction early. Will make a deal based on ease of sale, cash availability, etc. Check out ebay page for more photos/invoices. JF1GR8H65AL817644, clean carfax, 2nd owner, no accidents...
  4. Build list - am I missing anything?

    Engine Modifications
    Hello all, I am a bit newer to the forums and have done tons of reading on topics like this but was curious for an opinion on my specific situation. I own a 2003 Subaru WRX. I plan on ordering some parts / bolt on modifications and was curious if there is anything I have left out that is...
  5. Auto-5speed/6speed

    Transmission & AWD
    I have purchased a 2003 Subaru WRX(Wagon) and it is a clusterfuck. My original plan was to fix it up to be mine, I then realized automatic WRX kinda sucked. So I had changed my plan to flip and sell, but I'll have so much time and money into this that it will not be worth selling. For starters...
  6. What lines for wrx turbo are needed?

    Engine Modifications
    Long story short i have to get a 2005 wrx running in 1 month and money is tight right now so I got a Ebay turbo temporarily. And the issue im running into is I don't know what coolant/water? and oil lines i need. BUT i do know that the OEM banjo bolt for the top oil feed line fits in the turbo...
  7. 2020 white edition vs 2019 gray?

    Car Purchasing Forum
    I am considering buying a gently used 2019 gray edition WRX for around 30k, or a new 2020 white edition WRX for around 35. should I be scared off by the maintenance cost of the 2020 version with the upgraded brakes and suspension? the 3rd option is a used 2019 limited WRX which is probably a...
  8. (SOCAL) Covercraft UVS100 Custom Fit Sunshade 08-11 Impreza 08-14 WRX/STi

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    $35 UV11091BL Custom Fit Sunshade. Perfect fit for Subaru Impreza 2008-2011 WRX/STI 2008-2014. I buy these for all my cars, way better than those cheap flimsy ones. Just got this last year for $60 and sold my car so I have no use for it anymore. No rips, tears or issues. Located in San...
  9. 2002 WRX motorswap.

    Engine Modifications
    First time poster, First time Subaru owner. First off, I’m active in other forums and I know how annoyed members get, especially moderators, when double postings populate so if this has been addressed, I apologize. I trolled the first 8-10 pages of threads and didn’t find anything pertaining...
  10. 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX cruise control wiring.

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    So I recently replaced my Worn factory steering wheel with a nice new momo wheel and quick release. I wanted to keep my cruise control but it is mounted to a stock on the factory steering wheel. I don't really need to cancel function so I grabbed a power window button that would fit the blanks...
  11. 2016 Wrx

    Engine Modifications
    Hello everyone I’ve got a 2016 Wrx my goal is to get it to about 380 whp and max 350-360 tq, I currently have a Cobb big sf intake, Mishimoto catless jpipe, Cobb accessport, nameless axleback muffler delete, and a pro tune putting it at like 315 whp. I wanted to know what would be better to get...
  12. Seatbelts are locked into place.

    Interior Mods
    Hey! New here. Just bought a 2015 Wrx with some small front end damage. All in all it’s an easy fix, but the front seatbelts are locked into place. I’ve looked at some other forums and it said to pull really hard on it but that hasn’t really worked at all. Maybe I should pull harder? I tried to...
  13. 07 wrx looking to go stock

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello everyone, I have a 07 wrx that I need to pass deq emissions with. I have been looking for an oem downpipe and was wondering if I could just pick up a 02-05 downpipe and just purchase the 3” to oem exhaust adapter instead. Let me know! Thanks
  14. Cobb AOS Problem

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Taking this to the forum since I cannot seem to find anything online about this issue. This is the message i sent to Cobb for support: Good morning to whom it may concern, I purchased a 2018 WRX last year that came equipped with a Cobb AOS professionally installed. As of recently, the AOS has...
  15. Question about Cat

    Engine Modifications
    My car just threw a code for the catalytic converter and I’m thinking of getting Turbo XS High Flow Catalytic Converter pipe. Would this fix my issue? Also will it still throw a code?
  16. 06 Subaru WRX STi Crash

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I was involved in a crash earlier this year that resulted in a front end / left side damage and a lot of suspension parts were replaced because of it. This was my first crash ever and there has been an issue ever since I took possession of the car it has just felt... off. The car feels like a...
  17. Clutch slipping? - 2014 Impreza WRX

    Transmission & AWD
    My son has a 2014 Impreza WRX hatchback and just the other day it started feeling to him like the clutch was slipping and revs climb with no acceleration when under acceleration. It has 96K miles approximately and I don't know what the service history is as it was bought a month ago used. It...
  18. 2015- 2020 WRX - Anyone with a resonated ETS extreme and catless dp? Can't find any videos.

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm hoping to go stage 2 in a few months and I am trying to figure out my exhaust setup . I am definitely getting a catless downpipe (Florida lul), most likely the invidia because it is a good price with good reviews. As far as catback, I like the sound of the tomei expreme ti (great...
  19. 2015 Subaru wrx

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    my car was running just fine yesterday, I turned it off for the day went inside. Today I go out to start it and it won’t start unless I jump it, so I jump start it and it starts just fine. However the check engine light is on, the cruise is flashing, the hill assist light is on and the traction...
  20. Rolling shot

    Rolling shot

    I'm new to ClubWRX! But I just got an 06' WRX couple weeks ago, black with 80XXX miles. Currently the car is in California but I'm in Chicago. Ill be back home for the holidays so I'll finally get to work on it!