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wrx 2003

  1. New Member Introductions
    Everyone seems to be selling their V1 cobb access port these days to get the V2. Ive found V1's as low as 100 bucks, its a tempting offer but the lowest i've found a V2 for is 450. is it worth the extra money? If you have a V2 I am interested in purchasing it :)
  2. New Member Introductions
    car that I would want to drive. My name is Randy and I'm looking for information on after market audio installation. I'm looking to install a direct connection for my Ipod touch 4gen. I would probably settle for something as simple as an AUX connection, but if i'm going do some work, I...
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Subaru WRX Steering Wheel With Air Bag MOMO 02 03 02/03 MOMO Subaru WRX Steering Wheel With Air Bag Asking $ 270.00 OBO If Intrested please email me at [email protected] Also have other parts if intrested.
  4. Car Purchasing Forum
    Next summer I am going off to college and I am looking to buy a new car. I looked at some rsx and 350z's but a friend of mine bought a Subaru and im in love with it. I want sporty looking WRX sedan with enough hp to get up and go. I have a budget of $15,000 and basically I need help with...
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Unmarried and all manufacturer parts included. Asking $250+shipping
  6. Interior Mods
    Does anyone know of any cool interior mods for a 2003 WRX?
  7. Vehicles for sale
    2003 WRX with 139,000 miles. Original owner, all service records(dealier serviced), completely stock. STi shifter, turbo gauge, rear spoiler. New Goodyear Eagles. Babied, immaculate. $9.900, Kalamazoo, MI.