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wrx 2002 turbo problem

  1. Garret (Airesearch) T4

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    Hey guy's i'm new to Subaru's, i've only had one for about 3 or 4 weeks. But i came across a rebuilt Airesearch T4 turbo for $100 bucks. I figured for $100 bucks i might as well try it out. I know i'm going to have to move some stuff around to make it fit but i just want to know if its worth my...
  2. 2002 WRX turbo problem..Need help!!

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    I bought a 2002 wrx with a blown transmission and 150,000 miles because i got it for a great price. i recently had everything repaired and put it on the road. i put maybe 2,000 miles on her and i seem to be having a turbo issue. When i first start the car and go through the gears the turbo will...