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  1. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Bought a 2009 WRX a week ago and was trying out some heavy pulls with the car Did a big send in 5th gear to 160km/h the engine did a big lurch once. then the CEL is on, traction control light on and cruise is flashing Starting up the car was much slower than usual and sounded weak...
  2. Exterior & Appearance
    Hello. I’m pretty new the this whole Subaru thing. I have a 2009 Hatch and I’m wondering where to buy a good sti front bumper from for a good price. I’m not sure what years are compatible with mine but any websites or suggestions would be helpful🙏🏽 -=Tyler2.5IAG=-
  3. Powertrain
    I’ve been looking and trying to find the best/most reliable clutch for my 09’ WRX. Any recommendations on what I should get? (And that comes with a light flywheel) Thanks :)
  4. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey guys I have a friend with a 2009 wrx and his FR outer cv joint clacks on sharp turns. We replaced it with a new masterpro drive axle and it started making noise after about 20 miles so we warrantied it and again it failed in under 100 miles. I’ve been doing a decent amount of research on...
  5. Car Purchasing Forum
    So i haggled and haggled and i think i can finally stop. What they are saying is $50 above invoice. They quoted $24,655 then they showed me a piece of paper right off the printer. Is this actually $50 above invoice? Because the reason why i am asking is on Edmunds and Yahoo they are saying the...