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  1. burble tune and blow off valve

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and i was hoping i could get some advice and maybe i could learn a thing or two while im here. To start with i have a; 2007 wrx wagon 2.5L dohc H4 current engine mods are; Stage 1 cobb OTS tune STI lower block GFB blow off valve catless downpipe and...
  2. 07 wrx wagon $4k

    Vehicles for sale
    Very well maintained wrx. Bone stock and never modded engine wise. Doesn't leak oil or coolant. Bought it not long ago for a winter car. I am in the Marine Corps reserve and my unit is in CT I have driven it back and fourth between VT and CT many times and it hasnt ever had a single issue...
  3. Want To Buy NY: 07 coil springs STOCK

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    NY: 07 coil springs STOCK WTB email [email protected]
  4. Can I get a ticket for this?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Me and my friends were coming back from the lake. My friend in a maxima was in front and another friend in a acura rsx was in the middle. I was in the back in my Subaru. We were coming over this hill and my radar detector went off (Legal in Saskatchewan). soo i looked and i was going about 120...
  5. MB gauge pod install...Help!

    Interior Mods
    So i just got my prosport boost gauge all wired in... and am in a little delay. im not sure what the best way to attach the MB pod to my dash is. the instructions don't say much, they suggested glue,double sided tape,or velcro (which all seems kinda sketchy). i figure ill most likely use some...
  6. Launching? (Proper way)

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Alrighty soo if you have seen my other Posts iv been asking alot about WRX's because i dont know too much about them yet im learning though. I want to race and well i have been. Im good at driving standard its just i hear soo much controversy over how to launch your car properly and whats good...
  7. "The BIG BOV thread" (Where all bov question threads get merged)

    Engine Modifications
    This is the big BOV thread. If you didn't find this thread, you didn't search. This thread is where all BOV question threads get merged into. The quote below in this first post is from our BOV info sticky and contains links to some very explanatory BOV information. Please take the time...