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  1. Engine Performance
    So l got a 2020 wrx on stage 1 cobb tune engine all stock and l got 0.68 reading on the dam. I do not have any knock reading tho. I hear people say it could be bad fuel but l filled up with shell and dam is still low. Should l reset ecu? How should l drive in order to get dam up?
  2. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    So I’m running stock everything except a catback and I’ve been having this weird noise under WOT. It’s almost like a banshee squeal. Can’t figure out what it is. Linked a video with the sound
  3. Engine Performance
    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 2105 WRX with ~85,000 miles. The car is in great shape and only has an aftermarket intake. While driving back home on a 5 hour drive I noticed that when I go full throttle in any gear there is a hesitation in acceleration. The car either bogs down or the power...
  4. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    2009 WRX Hatchback Stock except Cobb SF intake + AP I'm newer to the tuner community, sorry in advance if I sound like a noob. Just got my Accessport V3 in the mail today, new from Cobb. Installed the 91 Octane Stage 1+ tune on my car. Throttle response is much different, but in a good way...
1-4 of 4 Results