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  1. CT - 2016 WRX Limited, White, 44XXX miles, $24,500

    Vehicles for sale
    2016 Subaru WRX Limited Mileage: 44,5XX (slowly going up as I'm still driving the car) Location: Stamford, CT Price: $24,500 OBO Contact: Please leave a comment with your email address Options: 6 speed manual transmission Navigation Harmon Kardon sound system Push button start Heated leather...
  2. New 2011 SWP WRX Owner

    New Member Introductions
    I just wanted to start out by telling everyone in this forum thank you. Your consistent praise for the WRX finally swayed me into taking the plunge and buying one of these beautiful cars. It all started out with me sending e-mails to 10 dealers asking if they had any in stock. I got one...
  3. HELP! Loss of power/blueish white smoke from exhaust/smoke from engine bay

    Engine Modifications
    2005 WRX, 36,xxx miles. Only mods are catback exhaust, drop in filter, lowering springs. Bought car a few weeks ago from used dealer, had some issues that were being worked on supposedly and they gave me the car back for a day or two. Upon starting it a big puff of blueish white smoke came out...
  4. Lookin for 02 WRX white hood(will trade my painted carbon) and STi grill.

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I'm lookin for a white hood for an 02 WRX (stock hood only). I will trade my painted white carbon fiber hood for it. I just want the stock one cause i like the less aggressive stock scoop. my carbon has STi scoop. Also looking for *OFFICIAL ONLY* JDM STi grill in white. text(530-249-7506) or PM...
  5. 2011 WRX - Black vs White

    New Member Introductions
    Okay, I know most of you say color is a preference, and I am stuck between Black and White for the new 2011 WRX that I plan on purchasing. My biggest fear with getting a brand new black car is going to be all the scratches you get from say washing the car. Do any of you with black cars have...
  6. FS: 07 STi - Pearl White

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    07 STi Pearl White FS 27K miles for 27K$$ Hi, i currently own an '07 STi, purchased it in May, 07. It has not been raced or been beaten. (well, at least not on tracks..) All OEM parts so enjoy the mods!!:thumbup: Great condition, very clean, well-maintained, no serious accidents - Rear bumper...
  7. Ny : 2005 aspen white wrx / clean

    Vehicles for sale
    My daily driver is now up for sale. It was my ride to work ~50 highway everyday for the last 2 years. One thing I have to say, is when you take care of a vehicle like this - it pays you back. When I say I have had NO problems whatsoever with this car I mean it. All maintenance was done...
  8. SOCAL FS: White Works Emo Kai 17x8 5x100

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Okay guys, I need a quick sale on these... I need these gone asap!! FOR SALE ONLY: Works Emotion kai 17x8 5x100 +47 painted white. Good Condition has some little DD small chips and what not. No curb rash... Can do retouch on the chips if it bothers you (which doesn't bother me) other than that...
  9. Wanted Blitz SBC, catback, selling wrx wing

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hey i am looking for a part from the blitz sbc id boost controller. i need the display that plugs into the brain because mine wasn't in my car when i bought it. I am also looking for a catback exhaust anyone is willing to sell. If anyone has an aspen white STI hood scoop to fit an 02 wrx i'd...