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  1. NJ: WRX Snow Tires and Wheels with TPMS for sale 4K miles

    Personal For Sale & Wanted Prefer to sell locally but we have the set listed on eBay as well. Subaru WRX Winter 18" Velox Wheels and 245/40R18 Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 snow tires with TPMS! These are high-performance tires for your winter driving! Placed on WRX in Nov 2019 and removed...

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey! what's up guys, I'm new here on the forum and also this is my first time owning a Subaru. I've been tryng to figure out an specific fitment that I'll like to see in my car but I'm getting a little bit confused and I was hoping someone here could help me to get to that point(look). I also...
  3. I’m stumped plz help, possible front passenger axle repair

    Suspension & Wheels
    So i went to change my wheels from winter to summer, awhile back and noticed this dark black clumpy grease all over the inside of my wheel. I figured it was the cv joint boot and decided I should replace it since the Front passenger axle seemed fine. So i replaced it with my buddy and when we...
  4. Wheel question

    Suspension & Wheels
    Looking at putting JNC JNC014 19X8.5 30 on my 2015 STI with stock suspension. I don't know much about wheels or tires so wanted to ask if there was any problem with running these on my car. Thanks. Wheels Here.
  5. Need help with offsets

    Suspension & Wheels
    I’m wanting to buy Konig runlite 18x8 but here’s the problem they give me two choices. +35 and +45 for the offset I’m wanting whichever will sit more flush with my stock body 15’ wrx if anyone has any idea thanks in advance for your help
  6. Lug nuts WRX 2018+

    Exterior & Appearance
    Hello Subarinhos, i am new here and as a noob, i got of course a question. I used the serach function, but really dint find a clear answer. Spring is coming and i decided to change my lug nuts on my EU 2018+ WRX. I have seen som lug nuts on Subispeed i would really like. PROJECT KICS...
  7. 06 Subaru WRX STi Crash

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I was involved in a crash earlier this year that resulted in a front end / left side damage and a lot of suspension parts were replaced because of it. This was my first crash ever and there has been an issue ever since I took possession of the car it has just felt... off. The car feels like a...
  8. For Sale: OEM 18-19 STI Wheels

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I’m located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 19” Subaru WRX/STI Wheels (2018-19 5x114.3 Pattern) Came off a 2018 STI with ~20,000 miles. Wheel #1 (bottom left) was completely refurbished ($200 for repair and powder coat) due to curb rash, and is in like-new condition besides micro-scratches...
  9. Front bumper, lip, and wheels for sale.

    Tri-State Local For Sale Only !
    I have a brand new 2009 Subaru wrx front bumper for sale. Will include the front lip with it, as well as two brackets. I also have wheels for sale. They are Aodhan AH06 Teal wheels. 18x9 et30. 5x100 with Michelin’s Pilot supersports 255/35/18 in great shape. No damage. $350 obo for the bumper...
  10. turbos for everyone

    Suspension & Wheels
    don't want to be vending w/o going through the proper channels
  11. Fresh looking 18x8s on an 09 WRX.

    Suspension & Wheels
    Loving the look of these new wheels by cheap and cheerful Drag. Weight is under 19lbs for an 18x8!!! Couldn't believe it. My budget was 3 times the cost of these - I was just about set on Enkei PF01s, but I'm glad I did a last minute internet sweep before buying. Got some nice Conti summer...
  12. Two Tone 09 WRX. Pics and story so far.......

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Hi all/any. Here's a couple of pics of my 09 WRX. Bought as a rebuild end of 2010 with 11k up. Then got hit with monster hail in Tennessee last year (shattered the glass!) so we were worried the insurance co would want to write the car off (again). Luckily they finally came up with a nice big...
  13. New Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Brand new Dunlop SP Sport 01 tires. These are Ultra High Performance Summer tires. Size 235/45R17. These came new on my 2011 Subaru WRX and I removed them for the winter. Looking into getting new wheels and won't need these tires. The following is a link for tirerack where you can find...
  14. For Sale Pirelli Tires on Rota Subzeros

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    For sale (in Flemington, NJ; local pickup only): 1) A set of four Rota Subzero wheels, all in very good condition, bronze, polished lip, 17 x 7.5, 48+ offset, 5 x 100 bolt pattern (fits 2002 through 2004 wrx). They come mounted with Pirelli Pzero Nero tires, P225 45 ZR 17 91W. $200.00 or best...
  15. Want To Buy Winter wheels/tires for 2011 5-dr WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have been looking for a winter wheel set and keep finding myself comming up short :confused: I am afraid of the fitment because I want to make sure the brakes clear the rim and I want to go down to 16s, help!
  16. For Sale silver bbs wheels 05-07 sti

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling my silver bbs wheels. 5x114 so they will fit 05-07. They are in good shape(not perfect) and I will post pics when I get back from vacation
  17. Simple Green on 2011 WRX wheels

    Detailing Forum
    Do you guys think it's alright to use Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner on the 2011 WRX wheels? I used it today and they came out fine. Just want to make sure there will be no long term effects. And also is it safe to put a paint sealant on the wheels?
  18. Acceptable wheel and tire size for a 2010 WRX Wagon?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I've had my WRX for sometime now and I'm ready to take it to the next level. As of now it has a Perrin Air Intake with a full Invidia exhaust. I'll be getting KW Variant 3 Coilovers, Whiteline Swaybars 24mm front and back with Kartboy endlinks. My WRX came stock with 17x7 inch wheels but I've...
  19. Want To Buy 18x7.5 drifz venom wheels. 5 lug pattern!

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Here's a picture of what the wheel looks like.. if any additional information is required PM me or reply. I need just one.. if you have more i'll buy them.. my insurance company is garbage and not helping me at all so please do help if you have any of these wheels laying around lol Joshua
  20. Wheel spacers... Thoughts?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Was wondering what the deal with wheel spacers is... I like the way the wider stances look... Any opinions on them, go or no-go? How do they affect your performance? And any thing else may add...