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  1. Great Deals
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    Hey all, I’m planning on buying a new set of wheels and tires for my 2011 WRX Hatch and I’ve been doing some research but can’t seem to truly get to the bottom of it. My current plan is to go with Work Meister S1s 18X9.5 +37 with Michelin Pilot sport tires 265/35. I’ve been trying to use Fitment...
  3. Suspension and Handling
    I was just wonder what’s the max size tire and rim combo I can run without rubbing or rolling my fenders,I was looking at a pair of 225-50-17 with a 17-7.5 rim and was wondering if those would work.
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    Hey guys I've just purchased 17x9 +35 RPF1s for my 2007 GD STI and have read they require 8mm spacers to allow the brembos to clear. Abit shattered that this is the case as I've always never been a fan of spacers. is this the case? will I need to roll my guards or fenders? do you guys think...
  5. Suspension & Wheels
    Hi All, Looking for a new summer set up, wheels and tires for my 2017 WRX Premium. Currently have snow tires (245/40/18) on my stock wheels (18x8.5). Any issues with sizing the wheels to 19x8.5 for the summer set up? And putting maybe 245/35/19 on them? I’m sure it will be a harsher, less...
  6. Suspension & Wheels
    I have a 2012 wrx and I figured since the fenders are wider they could run 9.5’s with +35 offset without rubbing? Is this true? Would I need to run a smaller tire or should I be fine?
  7. Suspension & Wheels
    I just put my new AVID1 AVO6 18x9.5 + 38 wheels and 245/40/18 tires on stock suspension. They fit well, haven't heard any rubbing. It handles very well and pleased with the car In the canyons when I go, but its my daily and I've noticed that the car has become slower when trying to get up to...
  8. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I'm new here, however I don't need these rims, so I'm giving them away. They're Konig Ampliforms, and I don't need them taking space up in the garage anymore. Feel free to message me, I'll sell them cheaper if you're in the Las Vegas area, willing to ship, if buyer pays. Link...
  9. Suspension & Wheels
    I drive a limited 2010 WRX hatchback looking for a new set of wheels wondering which ones would fit without having to roll fenders/have rubbing on the inside at full turn or get a yellow sticker in Western Ausatralia. The Wheels are: AVID1 AV-06 18x8.5 5x100 +35 offset ROTA Grid 18x8.5 5x100...
  10. Suspension & Wheels
    I have an '06 WRX that I am thinking about lowering. Problem is, I live in a state that can get some pretty heavy snow falls and sometimes it's clearance isn't good enough at OEM ride height. Has anybody found any good solutions for being able to lower the car during the summer and keep it OEM...
  11. Suspension & Wheels
    20' WRX base Stock height Rotiform RSE 18x8.5 +45 front 18x9.5 +35 rear Will these fit? Dont want to modify fenders. thanks
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Anyone interested in trading their premium wheels for Rosenstein 18x9.5 +38 114.5 plus roughly $600? Both have roughly 7,000 miles on them.
  13. Suspension & Wheels
    I have a base model 2014 WRX. I want to lift it 2", and put fat tires on it. what does clubWRX think the best way to go about doing this is.
  14. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Rims $900 obo Bolt pattern: 5x114.3 Centerbore: 56.1mm Wheel size: 17x8 Offset: +55mm Tire: 235/45R17 Rims are in perfect condition. Tires have very little wear (probably have 250 miles on them). Stem caps included (not shown in picture). Lip $65 obo For 2015+ WRX Smallish crack on one of the...
  15. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Used Subaru WRX STI winter setup with Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 225/50R17 mounted on GFX G50 gloss black 17 inch rims. Used in wintery months only for 3 yrs. NJ 500. Firm
  16. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    For sale is a set of 2005-2007 BBS STi wheels with Bridgestone Blizzaks WS80s (235/45-R17). I bought these from a member here in late 2017 and used them for 2 winters. Wheel Specs: Bolt pattern: 5x114.3 Wheel size: 17 x 8.0" Offset: +53mm I was running these on my 2017 STI. The tires had about...
  17. Suspension & Wheels
    Has anyone tried mounting a 16" Rim on a 2011 WRX Sedan? The car's too new to be in a store's database at this point. I was looking at going down a size in rims and width for my snow tires. But without going to a store and having them test fit a number of rims to find out about clearance...
  18. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    SOLD : OEM 2006 WRX wheels w/ Kumho ASX tires (MD) SOLD!! I'm selling my stock 17x7 rims from my 2006 WRX. I put a good 60K on these rims, and the car had 15K on it when I bought it, so yes, they show some tiny chips, and because I routinely change tires at autocrosses, there are a couple...
1-19 of 19 Results