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wheel fitment

  1. 16" Rims on a 2011 WRX - Winter/Snow Tires

    Suspension & Wheels
    Has anyone tried mounting a 16" Rim on a 2011 WRX Sedan? The car's too new to be in a store's database at this point. I was looking at going down a size in rims and width for my snow tires. But without going to a store and having them test fit a number of rims to find out about clearance...
  2. Need help... Wheel hub

    Suspension & Wheels
    im buying wheels for my 2006 wrx tr, bolt pattern 5x100, my buddy is selling me te37 with a bolt pattern 5x114, i kno the sti's are 5x114. is there anywhere i can get the hub or maybe even an adapter? if u kno please post a reply or pm me. this would really help. thanks
  3. newb wheel fitment question

    Suspension & Wheels
    to start off i searched extensively for the answer to these questions and found related ones but wanted an exact answer because i didnt want to take any chances. ok so i recently switched over from the whole 240 drift thing to an 05 wrx bone stock because i want to do all the work myself. the...
  4. 18x8.5 wheels on a 04 wrx?

    Suspension & Wheels
    So I want to get some Rota G-Force 18x8.5 wheels (48mm offset), but don't want to have to deal with rubbing or rolling the fenders. Will these fit alright on my 04 sedan, if yes should I run a 225 tire or could I go larger? Thanks David