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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    Hey. I was wondering if installing a cobb 3inch ss turboback exhaust on my new 2020 wrx sti would ruin the engine? The car is under 5y warraanty . Really wanted to change the exhaust as the stock one is not to my liking . then Again, would it ruin the engine?
  2. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have just purchased a new 2010 wrx and well i want to do something to it but... the problem is is i still want the warranty. i wanna get a few more horses out of the car but i really want your opinion and your knowledge on things I can do to the car withought asking the dealer or with asking...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Guys, I'm still a noob here, and soon to be a proud owner of a '09 WRX Premium hatch! I'm excited about the chance to have a new baby. Going from an Acura to a WRX may be a change for me, but its very welcomed! How many of you guys bought the factory extended warranty, and how much did you...
1-3 of 4 Results