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  1. Protune shops in virginia... all aspects???

    New Member Introductions
    Have 2005 wrx with just an ots stage 2 tune with a fmic, cai, bov, full turbo exhuast,... I have staed in other posts I am new to the wrx/car scene and really know nothing... but I do know I know need it pro tuned... the car came with a cobb accesport v2, but I can't work it so I am just going...
  2. Favorite Drives in Virginia/Maryland/PA?

    Fun Drives
    Hey guys, whats your favorite drive in this area? I have been looking for another road like skyline drive, any ideas? :)
  3. Viginia Emissions

    Mid-Atlantic States
    So after searching, it seems as though there are still a lot of questions regarding a TBE. I have found specific examples for states like Utah and Texas, but seeing as how I live in VA, it doesn't really do any good. I would like to run a TBE, however I think using one cat would be a must...
  4. VA emissions w/ TBE

    Mid-Atlantic States
    I am thinking about getting an HKS CBE w/ the HKS SS downpipe. HOwever, the HKS DP is catless and I know the stock dp is catted. So does, anyone in VA know how this will affect emissions? Pass? Fail? Jail? Twould suck to bolt all this on and fail. thx yalls