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  1. FS + Question: Cost of Used Cobb Tuning Turboback Exhaust?

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello friends, I have a used Cobb Tuning Turboback exhaust ( as well as a Cobb Tuning catless uppipe that I'm taking off a 2004 Impreza WRX Wagon to replace with stock exhast (damn California Smog!). Anywho, probably looking to sell this WRX soon, and...
  2. Cattless Downpipe + Cobb AP Stage II Tune

    Engine Modifications
    I have an 02 WRX and am currently in the market for a downpipe. I am wondering if I run a cattless turboback system if my Cobb Accessport Stage II tune will prevent the car from running to lean or rich given the new readings the cattless system will produce on the O2 sensors. I was looking at...
  3. Helppp

    Engine Modifications
    i recently installed a Megan Turboback on my 2002 WRX the car has always ran great but now the exhaust is on when the car is idling it starts smoking out the exhaust, however when it only smokes when it idles for a while i cannot figure out what is it, should i be worried about the turbo or...
  4. Probelms after installing Carbon-Ti

    Engine Modifications
    Hey I'm not sure if this is even where to put this but I need MAJOR help. I have an 02 wrx. The boost is up pretty high. I just had a full Turboback catless HKS Carbon Ti exhaust put on. Now I'm getting flashing check engine light with code saying camshaft position sensor malfunction. it...
  5. FS: Invidia N1 Catback & V3 Divorced Downpipe Brand New 02-07 WRX/STI CA

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Invidia N1 " Race" catback. This is the catless version. Brand new in box. Never mounted on a car or taken out of packaging. Includes silencer $500 without downpipe Invidia V3 Divorced Wastegate Catless Downpipe. This is brand new in box and has never been mounted on a car as well. $250 without...
  6. Are turbo back exhausts street legal?

    Engine Modifications
    Hey everybody, I am new to the club and this is my first post. I recently purchased a 2007 STI and I have the money to get a new exhaust however I have a question. I have researched about the difference between a catback vs turboback exhaust and obivously the turboback is much better, however...