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turbo timer

  1. Everyday Impreza Talk
    It looks like some of you guys on here know about Blitz performance. I'm not to fimiliar with them and I am going to buy a turbo timer and the only company that makes a harness for the 12's is Blitz. Are they a reliable company? And does anyone have any recommendations for what kind of turbo...
  2. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I put in a hks turbo timer type 0 in my 06 wrx today using the Hks harness. The timer turns on and shows the volts just fine but when I turn the car off it just turns off and same with the car. What did I do wrong or is the timer broken? Please help.
  3. Engine Modifications
    is it necessary at all to buy a turbo timer for a WRX. ive been talking about it with a friend and he heard that it would help out his turbo in the long run, but ive heard that is totally unnecessary because subaru turbos are water cooled...whats the truth in this situation? help me out
  4. Engine Modifications
    It's my understanding that the turbo on the 2009 WRX is water cooled. Let me know if this is right. If so would you still recommend a turbo timer and what kind?
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling a used Blitz Dual Turbo Timer DC2. I never installed it. It is missing the 4 prong female-to-3 prong male harness (original), but I have a 06-07 STi harness for it. Make an offer.
  6. Engine Modifications
    Where to put a turbo timer!? OK so I've decided I need to fit a turbo timer to my 2004 RHD (facelift) WRX. Probably gonna opt for the new HKS unit with the seperate display unit. I'm struggling to work out where to position it? I realise that the control unit can be tucked away behind the...
  7. Interior Mods
    Please go easy on me cos not only am I new to turbo timers I'm also new to forums!! I recently bought an 2004 WRX (facelift) and have read horror stories about "caking" the oil by not alowing the turbo oil to cool. I don't drive hard. Infact I probably don't deserve such a great car. What I...
  8. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    i bought my 02 scoobie wrx about 2 months ago & it already came with a apexi turbo pen timer already installed. from what i can see, my car has the stock turbo. i usually leave the timer on for a few seconds if i only drive short distances. but when i drive further i have it set for 60sec. do i...