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  1. burble tune and blow off valve

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and i was hoping i could get some advice and maybe i could learn a thing or two while im here. To start with i have a; 2007 wrx wagon 2.5L dohc H4 current engine mods are; Stage 1 cobb OTS tune STI lower block GFB blow off valve catless downpipe and...
  2. Is it worth tuning a 2006 wrx with 215,000mi?

    Engine Modifications
    I just picked up a 2006 wrx with a cobb stage 2 for super cheap, and would love to work on it but the lifespan scares me. It runs like new, but I'm not sure how long that'll hold up, once I start pushing 300k. I'm considering putting around $4k into the car's internals (pretty much how much I...
  3. BugEye Build

    Engine Performance
    I’ve got a 2002 Bugeye I got from Texas with no rust and now 134k I’ve got upgraded stabilizer arms from an STi, upgraded bushings, motor mount, Mishimoto sports radiator, stage 1 tune with Megan racing turbo back exhaust, cold air intake, with upgraded tires and brakes. What would your...
  4. buying 2015 STi with mods at dealership?

    Car Purchasing Forum
    So I'm looking to buy a new daily driver , really looking into a sport tech pkg STi 2015. I went to take a look at the car this weekend at the dealership and (as much as i know) this car came with a Cobb tuning Intake + airbox + an exhaust system of some sort ( single tip exhaust and a large...
  5. tune, ap help

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I have a 2005 wrx and am motor swapping to one with around 40k, with that ive decided to go stage 2 with it. I plan on having it protuned within a week, my question is will a cobb ap v3 stage 2 be okay for the time being up until the pro tune? mods- catless downpipe catless uppipe short ram intake
  6. (NEW) - General Tuning Questions

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    What’s up dudes, Im new to this site and glad I found you. Never been a part of a forum before but I’ve never really had a reason. I purchased a 2012 WRX hatchback (MT) last summer and have been really enjoying my experience so far, but I’ve got some general (possible newbie) questions relating...
  7. Cobb access port.. but used.

    Engine Modifications
    hi, I was wondering if there was any problems or if its a good idea at all to buy an access port such as Cobb access port but from someone who already used it on his vehicule. Like does it pair to one vehicule like some modules do or something like that. Cause I've heard you're not obligated to...
  8. JR Tuned at Killer B Motorsport

    Mid-Atlantic States
    JR Tuned is coming back to Killer B this fall. We are currently taking deposits. Sign up now to reserve your appointment! More information on our services can be found here.
  9. 2011 WRX - Cobb OTS Stage 2 vs E-Tune Stage 1

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, looking for your advice/wisdom for my near future plans. Currently running Cobb OTS Stage 1, 91 oct. on my 2011 wrx. I've also got the Cobb SF intake that will be installed Christmas :D I would like to either buy a downpipe and flash to stage 2, or get an e-tune for my Stage 1 +...
  10. CHECK OUT Kronos's Accessport Stage Packages!

    CHECK OUT Kronos's Accessport Stage Packages! *PRICES UPDATED!* We have designed a great money saving package for the Subaru Enthusiast that wants to gain a good amount of power out of their vehicle without breaking the bank and shopping everywhere for the best price. With this package this...
  11. 2011 WRX - Downpipe Question

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm taking your advice and will be getting a downpipe very shortly as the next step in modifying my WRX. My accessport should be here within a week so downpipe will follow shortly after *fingers crossed* My question is this: Is there any advantage to going with a catless downpipe as...
  12. 2011 WRX in need of help

    Engine Modifications
    Never have been too mechanically inclined. I mean, I'm no idiot. I used to work on cars for a living changing tires/oil but I don't understand mechanics well enough to know how to increase horsepower/boost safely. I bought the WRX for insurance purposes and have already done a number of things...
  13. 2009 WRX Tuning Path?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys so I wanna start saving up for tuning my WRX but I dont know where to start. Ive heard people say to get BPV, BOV, new downpipe, bigger turbo, new catback, or oil air seperater. I'm a noob so I dont know what to do first or if those things are even worth it. I dont just wanna start...
  14. For Sale COBB TUNNER 06-07 AccessPORT

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Used once paid 1100 sell for 500 Canadian or best offer. have original box and cd :D:D:D
  15. 2011 WRX Cobb Stage 1 + SF CAI

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, im thinking about ordering Cobbs accessport and upgrading my wrx to stage 1, also thinking about ordering their SF CAI for the 2011 wrx as well. Just wondering if any of you guys have these same mods and what kind of gains can be expected? Also, if I'm going to spend a grand or more...
  16. Anyone know a WRX tuning shop or a good shop to go to In Arizona (PHX)???

    South Western States
    I'm looking for a good shop that knows how to work on a Subaru WRX, to install my upgrades and help tune my car.. Any Suggestions?
  17. Couple of questions regarding adjusting boost/tuning through ebc

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Hi there as tittle reads I am wanting to adjust my boost but only if I can do it safely of course. My car is a v7 sti with stainless steel equal length headers and a full 3" exhaust with one resonator and a high flow cat. I have a profec e-01 boost controller and it is currently running 14psi. I...
  18. What do I need for stage 2?

    Engine Modifications
    I have a 2004 WRX and i want to get the COBB accesport and do a stage 2. I was just wondering what parts are required for this as i believe i already have some of the necessary parts. I have Exhaust and intake. Not sure if i have any up or down pipes as i haven't looked. Thanks for the help.
  19. For Sale Cobb AccessPORT for 08-09

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling my 08 accessport. Hate to see it go but I need some money fast. asking 425 BRAND NEW still have original box.
  20. Cobb CBE on 2011 WRX tune question?

    Engine Modifications
    Hey all, just looking for your thoughts on this, I just purchased a cobb cbe for my 2011 wrx, it has been broken in properly and is sitting at about 2k mi, I'm looking to install it and go on a road trip, will not getting a tune affect/damage my car? I have heard that the cbe is pretty much just...