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  1. What transmission will fit my 2009 subaru wrx

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    So I recently had my 2009 subaru wrx 5 spd transmission lock up on me and i an looking to buy a new one.. my transmission has a code on it that is TY758VW2AA.. my question is will only transmissions with that same exact code fit on my wrx or could i buy one with a different code and still put...
  2. AWD light in Dashboard Flashing

    Transmission & AWD
    Has anyone encountered "AWD" light flashing in the dashboard? I've checked online, saying possible tyre air pressure issue or wheel using different size.
  3. Need help finding a cheap 4.44 tans!!!!

    Dose anyone know anywhere to find a decent 4 44 trans that isn't super expensive??
  4. 2010 wrx clutch not fully disengaging.

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Owned the car for a few days when i discovered the clutch no longer fully disengages when pressed. Cannot shift into any gears when running and can feel the car vibrate when in gear and at a complete stop. The clutch "caught" right near the bottom before but now it seems like i need to push it...
  5. WRX won’t go into any gear but first

    Transmission & AWD
    It’s a pretty long story on my Subaru for the 1,300 miles I put on it, but any input would be greatly appreciated I’m just waiting on my shop appointment at this point. So here we go.. I just bought a 06 wrx wagon with 90,000 on it and it needed to get a new clutch so we worked that into the...
  6. Issue After Transmission Swap-Stalling and no Cruise Control

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Background:06 WRX TR-90k mies-Cali 91 Octane Story: Due to transmission issues from the previous owners modifications, I had to replace my transmission about two weeks ago. Now I am having two issues. The first is that the cruise control does not work. I can click the button which turns the...
  7. Transmission Noise, after replacement. 97

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Transmission Solenoid Noise (or so i am being told), after replacement. 97 Exchanged the transmission on a 97 Impreza with 177,000 miles with the transmission of a 98 with 70,000 miles. Now when starting and putting in reverse it makes a high pitched whine. The mechanic says it is the...
  8. Possible 02 trans problem starting

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I was on the way to work this morning and it was snowing out. Have Blizzaks and the road was pretty clear so I don't think it was the car trying to grip the road. I shifted into 3rd and went to accel. and the car seemed to jump about 800 rpms and catch a bit hard. Didn't clunk or lash but it...
  9. Possible 02 trans problem starting

    Transmission & AWD
    I was on the way to work this morning and it was snowing out. Have Blizzaks and the road was pretty clear so I don't think it was the car trying to grip the road. I shifted into 3rd and went to accel. and the car seemed to jump about 800 rpms and catch a bit hard. Didn't clunk or lash but it...
  10. For Sale 2006 WRX 5speed Transmission/Differential/Axes MI

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have an 06 WRX Trans for sale, It only has 66,000 miles however, one of the gears are missing some teeth. I'm looking at upgrading to the 6MT. If you are interested make me an offer! I'm located in Oxford Mi. Text me (248)705-7335
  11. Issues after transmission swap, swapped an 05 tranny into an 02 and nothing is right!

    Transmission & AWD
    so I really need help here... ive posted this on several sites ust trying to get an answer... I have an 02 wrx and the tranny went out 2 weeks ago, I bought an 05 tranny that has 40k miles on it and installed it with a new oem clutch kit, and swapped the front axles. Bleed everything and the...
  12. Noise coming from, gear box/center of car/transmission

    Transmission & AWD
    Hey, I have an 08 Subaru wrx, and all the sudden I started noticing this kind of squeaking/rubbing noise coming from the center of the car, maybe the the transmission (I can feel it through the stick shift), but I can only feel it when I start and stop pretty suddenly. I was wondering if any one...
  13. Transmission Noise. Help!

    Transmission & AWD
    I have a 2006 WRX that is making a noise from what seems to be the transmission. when i start the car (clutch pushed in obviously) and have it in neutral and let out the clutch i have this loud grinding noise. As soon as i push the clutch back in the noise goes away.sometimes when i put it in...
  14. What The F*&% is wrong??!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    When at 5-7k rpm's in 2nd, 3rd, and, 4th gear, my completely stock '04 WRX spudders.. it wont go through the 5-7k rpm range smothly, it seems like a transmission problem almost like it's slipping but i dont feel anything on the shifter just the engine spudders. It came up with an check engine...
  15. Transmission Help

    Transmission & AWD
    i was planning on getting a new transmission, and was wondering what else is a strong tranny but its not expensive as the 6 spd sti?
  16. 2002 WRX makes a grindy noise when in gear and throttle closed

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Thought it was the transmission had it rebuilt and the noise remained, my general shop says its the tranny, tranny shop says its pinion gears in the diffs, I think It could be a crank bearing bc I thought the motor burned up oil but turns out it was leaking slow and run empty who knows how many...
  17. 2006 wrx TR 6 speed transmission swap.

    Transmission & AWD
    Hi all i am new to clubWRX but im gonna jump right in here. i have a 2006 wrx with a tranny thats about to go on me. saving up the pennies for a 6 speed from an STi. Now i have been doing my homework and reading every possible thing i can to gain knowledge on the swap. I plan to take the cheaper...
  18. For Sale 2002 FULLY BUILT WRX RACER

    Vehicles for sale
    Up for sale is my 2002 World Rally Blue Pearl WRX. First let me start off by saying this car has been extremely meticulously maintained by a Factory trained Subaru tech. The car gets driven about 1000 miles a year, with my new job I barely have time for it anymore which is what is prompting the...
  19. Megan Exhaust?

    Engine Modifications
    Hey would this fit on a WRX? 2002-2007 Subaru WRX / STi Turbo Back Exhaust System w/ Down Pipe : - Its a Legitimate exhaust. They are an authorized retailer i checked it out. I just thought it was weird that for the wrx the catback alone was 400 and for an STi the whole TBE sytem was 250...
  20. Need input on clutch/transmission issues 2003 WRX. Please help

    New Member Introductions
    I recently purchased an 03 WRX 4D. It has a light weight flywheel, stage 1 clutch, and a short throw. When I bought the car I noticed that the clutch was not consistent with the feel. The car also does a mild grind going into first sometimes as well as 4th. I bled the master cylinder, and after...