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  1. Transmission & AWD
    I've been working on doing a clutch replacement on my 2008 wrx hatch, and to my knowledge I've removed everything I need to remove to get the transmission out. That being removal of the exhahst, driveshaft and front axles, as well as starter and all bolts connecting the bellhousing to the back...
  2. Everyday Impreza Talk
    HI, Acording to my dealer ship. I have a bad throw out bearing. Should I replaced it with another one OEM or go to aftermarket...they only going to replaced TB. Under warrenty. So what you think.. 2019 wrx with 14500 miles. Bad clutch kit?
  3. Transmission & AWD
    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum I have a 2006 Impreza WRX, bonestock no mods, 124k miles I'm looking for advice on what may be the cause of the grinding noise I hear on acceleration, there is no lack of performance in the clutch being sloppy just grinding while in gear. so in short when I...
  4. Transmission & AWD
    I have a 2006 WRX 5speed trans that I'm looking at beefing up. Any suggestion where to get parts and what parts(brands) to use? I don't have a big bank account either, so anyways of saving money will help too. Thanks
  5. Transmission & AWD
    I recently bought an 03 WRX. It has a stage one clutch and light weight fly that were all on the car when i bought it. I have been getting a repeating grinding noise that increases frequency at higher engine speed. When i accelerate there is no noise but as i let off the throttle like engine...
  6. Maintenance, service, and repair
    I just filled up my transmision oil on my 07 wrx. My car is stick shift and has the hole below and behind the intercooler. I used and a little hose to fill it up. Any body knows a better way to fill it up?
  7. Transmission & AWD
    Hey there I have a 2008 impreza 2.5i. I was on the highway doing about 120 downshifted to 4th now at 100km downshifted to 3rd brought it to redline went to shift back to 4 but accidentally put it into 2nd :shakehead: now I have a engine light reading misfire in cylinders 1,2,4. What could I...
  8. STi Transmission/Drivetrain
    Hey I'm new here and new to the wrx stuff. I have a wrx and second gear went out and was wondering if there was some where to buy the internals so I could rebuild the manual 5 speed model number is a b837777 any help would be awesome.
  9. Transmission & AWD
    i have a 02wrx that is in perfect running order but the only problem is its an automatic. the only reason i bought an automatic was in was only $5600 ... i stole it from the guy. i hate automatics... i know its gonna be some major $ but i was wondering if anyone has done or heard of a A.T. to...
1-9 of 9 Results