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  1. For Sale (NoVA) Thule Roof Rack with two (2) Fork Mounted Bike and Snowboard Carriers

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    $750 OBO Sold the car so must sell the rack. Will Work with lots of models of cars, just need the right thule fitkit! (for example: • Thule Roof Rack with two (2) Fork Mounted Bike Carriers and Snowboard Carrier o RB47 Rapid Aero Load...
  2. Yakima Bike Rack on Factory Base Rack?

    Exterior & Appearance
    Hello, I'm considering buying an '09 WRX hatchback and would like to use my existing Yakima racks with it. Is there a way to attach my bike racks to the factory base bars, or would I be better off getting towers and bars from Yakima? Do most people use the factory racks or Yakima/Thule for...