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  1. Do any parts of a 2017 sti TBE fit on a 2009 wrx sedan?

    Engine Modifications
    Recently a real cheap TBE came up for sale. Guy says it fits 2017 sti sedan. Will any parts eg from the cat or axel bolt onto a 2009 wrx sedan?
  2. COBB AP: A/F Learning 1 stuck a zero?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Stage II 05 92x Aero, Catless TBE. Any reason why I am getting a flat zero for A/F learning 1? Here's a datalog for 2nd gear pull.
  3. need tuning advice - AZ

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    looking for advice on tunning a 2002 subaru wrx. uppipe TBE stock injectors aftermarket pulley and fuel raills car has a greddy boost controler not being used at the moment. but in the past it burnt up 2 valves prob due to the boost controler being set too high. so long story short im...
  4. Greddy Exhaust+Perrin Downpipe

    SES: Local For Sale Only !
    I have a Greddy SP2 (Street Performance) exhaust, fantastic condition, with less than 10,000 miles on it. Which also has the necessary sheath for the o2 sensor that alleviates it from throwing the cel. (700.ish new) 500ish by itself I also have a Perrin, divorced waste-gate style, catless, one...
  5. 07 TR Engine Management, Boost Creep

    Engine Modifications
    Hi Guys, I am sort of new to the forum, and have a couple things I still have questions on. I bought my WRX about 2 months ago, and really want to get started voiding my warranty. But first, I wanted to make sure I understood everything correctly. I am planning to make this a serious project...
  6. WTB Turbo-Back Exhaust (CO)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have an 04 wrx and im looking to buy a turbo back exhaust. Feel free to hit me up with any offers. Thanks
  7. VA emissions w/ TBE

    Mid-Atlantic States
    I am thinking about getting an HKS CBE w/ the HKS SS downpipe. HOwever, the HKS DP is catless and I know the stock dp is catted. So does, anyone in VA know how this will affect emissions? Pass? Fail? Jail? Twould suck to bolt all this on and fail. thx yalls
  8. DPT Motorsports?

    Vendor Archived Threads
    Anyone heard of this vendor? they have an ebay store: They have really TBE's and headers and I am wondering if anyone has experience with them? thx