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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    hey guys, ive got an 02 wrx wagon and im curious as to what specs/size are best for the wagons? i know its ultimatley up to the driver and what they wanna do. so if it helps i was thinking about goin bigger in the rear to try to eliminate some of the understeer on the day to day and help kick...
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    So this is my first thread posted on here and there are probably already some good posts on the subject; but im still wet behind the ears on this site so if i could grab some help... I ran into the issue of needing to replace the stock 2.5 cross-member with the wrx cross-member. My question...
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a set of stock '05 STI sway bars in my garage. /obo Pics will come as soon as I can, thanks..
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    I am sure everyone will say that COBB is better for our cars when it comes to swaybars, but I know Eibach makes some quality suspension stuff, so I thought I might get their swaybar kit instead. Only problem is, it's 22mm and not 25 like the COBB. Does anyone have any experience with the...
1-4 of 4 Results