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  1. Transmission & AWD
    I'm having a bit of trouble clarifying how compatible these cars are (VA chassis) in this area. I'm wondering what parts are necessary in the swap for me to get an STI transmission, center diff, and front diff (no rear diff) on my WRX. Why? I'm thinking about my long-term plans, and I think I'd...
  2. Exterior and Appearance
    I have a wingless 2019 WRX black looking to do a trunk swap with a wing! Hit me if interested
  3. Exterior & Appearance
    Ok just bought a new 2020 WRX in that amazing blue and got the blue led floor kits installed and now i have that one orange light in the center of the console thats just throwing off the blue vibe. Does anyone know what the part number/ what this light is even called? attached are the pictures...
  4. Engine Modifications
    So this weekend I did the vf52 swap. I also installed Cobb turbo inlet, Cobb sf intake, and Rev9 catless DP. I’m going to run the TP 2.52 tune. The problem is, I think the vf52 that I bought (rev9) sits lower somehow in the engine bay, and the AVO top mount I’m trying to install is significantly...
  5. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Background:06 WRX TR-90k mies-Cali 91 Octane Story: Due to transmission issues from the previous owners modifications, I had to replace my transmission about two weeks ago. Now I am having two issues. The first is that the cruise control does not work. I can click the button which turns the...
  6. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i posted a thread about what i could put into my car since apparently i need a new motor. but i know if i get the exact same motor that i have i can do it my self no problem
  7. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I just recently did something to my car. a local shop said i need a motor because it is going to cost me way more to have someone take my EJ205? all the way down and see what is broken and what can be salvaged.. I have been doing some research online and I'm still not %100 positive what my...
  8. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    looking to trade my 04 sti door cards for 05-07 sti door cards with switches and handles of course just to get the extra blue
  9. Interior Mods
    Has anyone tried to or is it even possible to swap stock 03 front seats with the 04 heated seats my 03 seats aren't heated and i like the feeling of the 04's better than the 03 plus its always nice to have heated seats also where would the best place to get the seats be and how hard would the...
  10. Transmission & AWD
    so I really need help here... ive posted this on several sites ust trying to get an answer... I have an 02 wrx and the tranny went out 2 weeks ago, I bought an 05 tranny that has 40k miles on it and installed it with a new oem clutch kit, and swapped the front axles. Bleed everything and the...
  11. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i have stock 2004 wrx i want to part out soon so i can do a jdm spec c swap motor needs work but heads are good and trans have an extra short block for parts also. differential and all motor accessories alternator, water pump, headrs up pipe down pipe turbo etc. also have stock rims and a...
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to swap my 2005 Black RS hood if anyone is interested for a WRX/STi hood my preference is a STi hood but it really dosen't matter though My hood is in great shape with just a few, very small nicks. Not even close to being noticeable unless your face is right in front of the hood...
  13. Vehicles for sale
    just go to this link to check it out, one stop motors can ship and finance this vehicle. I have recently lowered the price to $8000. Email me if interested [email protected]
  14. Engine Modifications
    hello everyone, today i finished installing vf39, sti intercooler, and the light blue 07 sti injectors. I know i need to tune the car after these mods but i broke the obdII connector or whatever its called for the cobb ap i ordered a new connector so it should be here by tomorrow or tuesday. I...
  15. Vehicles for sale
    Hello, I have listed my WRX powered Justy on Ebay for $5800 no reserve. You know you've always wanted one hears your chance.
  16. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Just like the title says, I want to trade my carbon fiber trunk for a PSM trunk with an STi spoiler. Located in southwest Virginia. Thanks, Cody
  17. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    recently got the hook ups on a 02 wrx motor but need a tranny and ecu.
  18. Engine Modifications
    I'm looking for ideas/suggestions other than replacing this with a stock 04 STi shortblock...which might actually be the best option and probably what Ill go with. Anyone have any ideas/experience/suggestions on this? Thanks.
  19. Vehicles for sale
  20. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Im looking for someone to trade trunks with. If wanted, I could throw in a little extra cash. I have an 02 wrx in midnight black pearl I'm looking to trade with someone with the same paint color, but an sti wing on their trunk. If you're interrested email me at [email protected]