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  1. FS: Helix DNA Coilovers (so. cal)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I just bought these used from another member and decided I am going to stay stock for awhile. They are still packaged and in the box (they just arrived today). According to him they are in excellent condition, no leaks, clunks, etc.. here are a couple of HIS pix. They will fit 02-07 wrx and 04...
  2. new suspention

    Suspension & Wheels
    i need to put some new suspension in my wrx. anyone know what a good brand to use is? also what do you think about wheel spacers, are they any good or does it even matter?
  3. Stock to Brembo question!?

    Suspension & Wheels
    I have a 2005 WRX with the stock rotors and calipers. I recently inherited the STi Brembo Cailpers only, not rotors. Will they fit on my stock rotor and bracket? Or in better terms... What do I need to do, in order to be able to get them installed on my car?
  4. Recon Title - Replacing Struts and Springs

    Suspension & Wheels
    SO, I bought a reconstructed title form a private seller knowing the car had been in an accident and totaled. The private seller who bought it from the insurance company told me my '04 WRX had only suffered cosmetic body dammage, and the only work that had needed to be done, which he did, was...
  5. lowering 02 wrx

    Suspension & Wheels
    im looking to lower my rex and interested in gettin some springs does anyone have any suggestions on which ones to get?? im looking to get as low as i can with just springs. any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  6. 07' wrx sedan sway bar install help

    Suspension & Wheels
    i just received my whiteline swaybars f/r 24mm and kartboy endlinks :D. i searched for the installation process and i found some, i would just like to ask if anyone else has a link on a detailed guide on a 07 wrx install. also which setting should i go with? and how? this is my second mod...
  7. Lower WRX..

    Suspension & Wheels
    How can i lower my car without buying anything? is there even a way? thanks
  8. any sugestions to stop wheel rubbing wall?

    Suspension & Wheels
    ive got an 03 wrx wagon with wheels size 225 45 17. they give me alot of grief when i hit any bumps at speed, especially if i have any gear in my car. i can see the effect of rubbing on the wheel well and on the tire itself, nothing serious yet and the sound is terrible. i was wondering if it...