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  1. Exterior and Appearance
    Hello First time Subi owner with a 2020 WRX Premium. My other cars all have LED headlights, and I struggle driving at night with the stock orange halogens. I can't find the lumens rating for the Hi/Lo beams on the Subispeed V2 Redlines. Anybody been able to find them anywhere? Thanks.
  2. Exterior and Appearance
    Hey everyone, new to this forum and im looking to see if anyone can help me. About 7 months ago I purchased a brand new set of SubiSpeed Sequential tail lights. Brand new in box for a great price. Everything worked great till two weeks ago. On the drivers side tail light, the inner led light...
  3. North Western States
    Subispeed had the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I place an prefer the night before for the euro headlights not noticing the wouldn’t work on my STI. I sent a email to request a cancellation 10 minutes after, there policy states if the order hasn’t shipped yet you can cancel your...
1-3 of 3 Results