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  1. Detailing Forum
    hi all, 2019 wrx limited model, just recently had this issue in my car brought into dealers (out of warranty) and all they told me was call subaru of america (no response yet) has anyone else had something similar happen? what did you do to fix it? would consider aftermarket but since my...
  2. Interior Mods
    So huge noob here, but after watching videos, thought I could handle the stereo removal in order to install the OLM Phone Mount from (requires a small screw right behind the bottom of the head unit). I got things out and got the mount installed, but this morning got a notification...
  3. Electronics/Car Audio
    I’m looking to buy a new head unit for my 2017 wrx premium with backup camera. Has anyone found a reliable head unit that you could recommend? Also what are your thoughts on Idoing or Seicane aftermarket head units???
  4. Electronics/Car Audio
    Hey guys new to this site. I just bought my 2015 wrx base model. I was curious if I'm able to upgrade the head unit from out of a newer model into mine. And also if the speakers from Newer model will just fit right into my car.
  5. Electronics/Car Audio
    So the OEM stereo sucks big time.Anyone here install an aftermarket head unit while retaining steering controls for the hands free & stereo controls?I can't seem to find the adapters anywhere.The only adapter I found was for the antenna.Also was anybody able to retain use of the OEM auxiliary...
  6. Cockpit and Cabin
    I am thinking about replacing the stock head unit in my WRX. Is the stereo hard to get out? Are there any tutorials showing how to do this? Thanks in advance
  7. Vendor Archived Threads
    270+ shipping! killer deal for both. used for under a year. Fits right where the stock radio is.. perfect filament
1-7 of 8 Results