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  1. Perrin Stage 2 Performance Package

    Dealership, Vendor, and Installer Review
    I made the purchase a while back and just recently installed it. Went with the black catback exhaust to match my silver '08 WRX. It was on back order for about a month, but finally made its way to my door. The install went fine, everything fit nicely. More specific instructions would have...
  2. Stage 1 vs 2 - And Exhaust Question

    Engine Modifications
    Hi guys, 09 WRX owner. Was looking at the Perrin Stage 1, and Stage 2. Stage 2 - 68 ft lbs 46 whp, Stage 1 - 54 ft lbs 38 whp. But wow the difference in cost is like $1300, for a gain of 14 ft lbs and 7 whp, worth it? I personally do not like the sound of the Perrin exhaust so probably doesn't...
  3. Stage 2 slightly low boost

    Engine Modifications
    Stage 2 w/ Cobb AP.....So I am only getting up to about 14.5 psi or so. I used to get up to 16. 14.5 is a little low (target = 15.2 +/-0.7psi). My question is, shouldn't the ECU make adjustments to keep the boost in the proper range? Or would it require the addition of a boost controller...
  4. want stage 2. dont know where to start

    Engine Modifications
    Im lookin to go stage 2 but i dont know where to start or how much it will cost
  5. Cobb Stage 2 OTS Map MPG??

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I'm running the Cobb Stage 2 OTS 93 Octane Map and people with similar mods keep track of their MPGs?? Cobb DP, Cobb TBE, Cobb Main Pulley, COBB SFI. Driving like the teen STi driver highway/city I average 15.3 MPG. I don't gun it at every light or anything, but I shift around 3-4 K and average...