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  1. Powertrain
    Got a 2015 Stage two, time for a clutch. Lot of ACT fanboys out there, anyone here have any recent opinions or preference? Considering a Stage 3, only drive on the weekends for fun, not for the track. Getting away from dual mass and going lightened flywheel. Aaaaaaand, GO!!!
  2. New Member Introductions
    I just got a new Subaru, and I am totally new to Subarus (the car is a 2002 "bugeye" wrx). The previous owner modified the exhaust system: A Megan racing downpipe, a grim speed uppipe and a Thrust 3" exhaust. does this make the car stage two? (the stage system is confusing and seemingly...
  3. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I recently installed a stage 2 exeddy racing clutch into my 15 WRX. I have multiple stage 2 parts on it and it was fine before hand but now when I go from stopped to moving in 1st there will be a loud knocking coming from the pedals which will go away when I’m up to speed and when I go from 1st...
  4. Transmission & AWD
    Hello I have a 2008 WRX with a stage 2 clutch. I hear this crazy almost gear grinding type noise when I take my foot off the gas and coast in gears 2-5. It loudest during 3500-below rpm. Mechanic told me it’s the stage 2 clutch. I’ve seen ALOT of posts like this but never any Solution.
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2015 SUBARU WRX - 2.0L - 4 CYL - TURBO - 6 SPEED MANUAL - ALL WHEEL DRIVE - NO ACCIDENTS - RARELY DRIVEN IN WINTER - RECENTLY TUNED - VERY RELIABLE Upgrades: -Stage 2 pro tune by Togue Tuning (only 2500kms ago!) -Invidia R400 catback -Turbo XS downpipe -COBB big SF Intake -COBB access port -EGR...
  6. Engine Modifications
    Ok so I went stage 2 MAPerformance OTS tune and I removed the restrictor pill. And yes before you ask I did remove the right pill 100%. The “T” with the black sleeve on it. The problem is when I would full throttle through gears and or sometimes around 50% acceleration or so the boost would max...
  7. Stage 2 set up for sale of my 2015 wrx

    Map performance full exhaust and intake with gesi cat map performance top mount intercooler unmarried access port v3 I live in ny on Long Island for pickup if you want 2500
  8. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Stage II 05 92x Aero, Catless TBE. Any reason why I am getting a flat zero for A/F learning 1? Here's a datalog for 2nd gear pull.
  9. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I was wondering if anybody else did what I did and now can't figure out what map to use. I have a 09 wrx with an after market downpipe, cat back exhaust, and a stock air box with a Hks panel filter and cold air snorkel. My question is do I use the stage 2 map or stage 2 plus? Or do I use stage...
  10. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, looking for your advice/wisdom for my near future plans. Currently running Cobb OTS Stage 1, 91 oct. on my 2011 wrx. I've also got the Cobb SF intake that will be installed Christmas :D I would like to either buy a downpipe and flash to stage 2, or get an e-tune for my Stage 1 +...
  11. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I recently put on a Invidia catless DP, borla hush exhaust, HOA 3 port boost solenoid, and has an SPT intake. I went and got it tuned at a local tuner. He said tune is done but my plugs were bad and car has a slight misfire at higher rpms due to this. I asked if everything would be fine with...
  12. Engine Modifications
    I have a 2004 WRX and i want to get the COBB accesport and do a stage 2. I was just wondering what parts are required for this as i believe i already have some of the necessary parts. I have Exhaust and intake. Not sure if i have any up or down pipes as i haven't looked. Thanks for the help.
  13. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Results: 311 WHP 329 WTQ (will add print out soon) Mods: K&N Typhoon cold air system, AMR TBE, Cobb AP 2.0 w/ Stage 2 Protune. Word to the wise, DO NOT GO CATLESS unless you plan to upgrade your turbo and fuel system. Without a cat you get major boost creep!
  14. Engine Modifications
    i have a 2004 sti i would like to know the first steps to get to 400hp. currently i have a TBE and still has stock up pipe. Does anyone know if the up pipe is catless on a 2004 sti? first i will get a Cobb AP to run stage 2 but would like a better direction from there i just want the next step...
  15. Dealership, Vendor, and Installer Review
    I made the purchase a while back and just recently installed it. Went with the black catback exhaust to match my silver '08 WRX. It was on back order for about a month, but finally made its way to my door. The install went fine, everything fit nicely. More specific instructions would have...
  16. Engine Modifications
    Hi guys, 09 WRX owner. Was looking at the Perrin Stage 1, and Stage 2. Stage 2 - 68 ft lbs 46 whp, Stage 1 - 54 ft lbs 38 whp. But wow the difference in cost is like $1300, for a gain of 14 ft lbs and 7 whp, worth it? I personally do not like the sound of the Perrin exhaust so probably doesn't...
  17. Engine Modifications
    Stage 2 w/ Cobb AP.....So I am only getting up to about 14.5 psi or so. I used to get up to 16. 14.5 is a little low (target = 15.2 +/-0.7psi). My question is, shouldn't the ECU make adjustments to keep the boost in the proper range? Or would it require the addition of a boost controller...
  18. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I'm running the Cobb Stage 2 OTS 93 Octane Map and people with similar mods keep track of their MPGs?? Cobb DP, Cobb TBE, Cobb Main Pulley, COBB SFI. Driving like the teen STi driver highway/city I average 15.3 MPG. I don't gun it at every light or anything, but I shift around 3-4 K and average...
1-18 of 18 Results