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  1. 2015 Subaru WRX- Manual Stage 2, OVER 300HP (279WHP)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2015 SUBARU WRX - 2.0L - 4 CYL - TURBO - 6 SPEED MANUAL - ALL WHEEL DRIVE - NO ACCIDENTS - RARELY DRIVEN IN WINTER - RECENTLY TUNED - VERY RELIABLE Upgrades: -Stage 2 pro tune by Togue Tuning (only 2500kms ago!) -Invidia R400 catback -Turbo XS downpipe -COBB big SF Intake -COBB access port -EGR...
  2. Stage 2 Restrictor Pill 2015 wrx

    Engine Modifications
    Ok so I went stage 2 MAPerformance OTS tune and I removed the restrictor pill. And yes before you ask I did remove the right pill 100%. The “T” with the black sleeve on it. The problem is when I would full throttle through gears and or sometimes around 50% acceleration or so the boost would max...
  3. Stage 2 set up for sale of my 2015 wrx

    Stage 2 set up for sale of my 2015 wrx

    Map performance full exhaust and intake with gesi cat map performance top mount intercooler unmarried access port v3 I live in ny on Long Island for pickup if you want 2500
  4. COBB AP: A/F Learning 1 stuck a zero?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Stage II 05 92x Aero, Catless TBE. Any reason why I am getting a flat zero for A/F learning 1? Here's a datalog for 2nd gear pull.
  5. WRX NOOB needs assistance badly...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys just bought my first wrx... its a 2005 wrx limited .. its been converted to front mount intercooler, perrin cai with k&n filter, full turbo exhauast... it also came with a COBB ACCESSPORT... i installed it but i cant download maps and plus i dont have a cobb CAI.. what can i do...
  6. Stage 2? Newbie

    Engine Modifications
    Hi, I have been looking throught the form and I noticed a lot of talk about stage two and I am unsure what that means (newbie). I used to be big into bikes, but now wanted to get into cars. For Sweetiest day I picked up myself a new 2011 wrx. It came with the SPT catback exhaust and short throw...
  7. Cobb stage 2+ requirements

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I was wondering if anybody else did what I did and now can't figure out what map to use. I have a 09 wrx with an after market downpipe, cat back exhaust, and a stock air box with a Hks panel filter and cold air snorkel. My question is do I use the stage 2 map or stage 2 plus? Or do I use stage...
  8. 2011 WRX - Cobb OTS Stage 2 vs E-Tune Stage 1

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, looking for your advice/wisdom for my near future plans. Currently running Cobb OTS Stage 1, 91 oct. on my 2011 wrx. I've also got the Cobb SF intake that will be installed Christmas :D I would like to either buy a downpipe and flash to stage 2, or get an e-tune for my Stage 1 +...
  9. Dyno Tuned, now misfires like crazy...

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I recently put on a Invidia catless DP, borla hush exhaust, HOA 3 port boost solenoid, and has an SPT intake. I went and got it tuned at a local tuner. He said tune is done but my plugs were bad and car has a slight misfire at higher rpms due to this. I asked if everything would be fine with...
  10. 2011 WRX - Downpipe Question

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm taking your advice and will be getting a downpipe very shortly as the next step in modifying my WRX. My accessport should be here within a week so downpipe will follow shortly after *fingers crossed* My question is this: Is there any advantage to going with a catless downpipe as...
  11. What do I need for stage 2?

    Engine Modifications
    I have a 2004 WRX and i want to get the COBB accesport and do a stage 2. I was just wondering what parts are required for this as i believe i already have some of the necessary parts. I have Exhaust and intake. Not sure if i have any up or down pipes as i haven't looked. Thanks for the help.
  12. cobb stage 1... is it worth it?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    my 07 wrx just has an spt intake and an spt cat-back... would it be worth it to run stage 1 with the cobb ap or should i just wait for the dp and jump to stage 2...?
  13. Need for engine management?

    Engine Modifications
    Im just installing a turbo back exhaust... i have a short ram intake also ... on 96 jdm ver2 sti Wondering do i need engine management or will the ecu adjust appropriately..?
  14. fuel system mods?

    Engine Modifications
    so im not too much a car novice but this is my first subie and im loving the hell out of it btw:) anyhow ive got pretty much got your basic stage 2 bugeye intake, exhaust, sti tm and a 3 port boost solenoid... im maxing out my stock injectors at 17psi and wanna crank it up some more, so besides...
  15. Stage 2 path

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    :sadwave: So ive reached a cross roads. I have been shopping around looking at going stage 2 and i have came up with 2 options:: 1. perrin stage 2 package -down pipe -CBE -accessport OR 2. -invidia N1 cat back -invidia downpipe -protune (btw anyone know any good shops in denver?) so my...
  16. 08 STI Protune Results

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Results: 311 WHP 329 WTQ (will add print out soon) Mods: K&N Typhoon cold air system, AMR TBE, Cobb AP 2.0 w/ Stage 2 Protune. Word to the wise, DO NOT GO CATLESS unless you plan to upgrade your turbo and fuel system. Without a cat you get major boost creep!
  17. How to get 400 HP

    Engine Modifications
    i have a 2004 sti i would like to know the first steps to get to 400hp. currently i have a TBE and still has stock up pipe. Does anyone know if the up pipe is catless on a 2004 sti? first i will get a Cobb AP to run stage 2 but would like a better direction from there i just want the next step...
  18. Question on downpipe for Stage 2?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Recently installed the SRS catback, next step is the downpipe and stage 2 AP. Question is, what is the Best DP IN YOUR OPINION for PA emissions/inspection. From what ive heard, read. PA is strictly obdII and gas cap testing. But some places do visual. And it all depends where you go. Ive also...
  19. New to Modding and have a few questions!

    Engine Modifications
    Well i bought my wrx about a month back and am now looking to modify! When i first got it, it was running rich from a Turbo XS BOV and had no exhaust on it, and a SPT intake. I removed the Blow off Valve and installed some exhaust the kid had (no idea what it is, its got a giant fart can thats...
  20. need tuning advice - AZ

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    looking for advice on tunning a 2002 subaru wrx. uppipe TBE stock injectors aftermarket pulley and fuel raills car has a greddy boost controler not being used at the moment. but in the past it burnt up 2 valves prob due to the boost controler being set too high. so long story short im...