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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    I have an '06 WRX that I am thinking about lowering. Problem is, I live in a state that can get some pretty heavy snow falls and sometimes it's clearance isn't good enough at OEM ride height. Has anybody found any good solutions for being able to lower the car during the summer and keep it OEM...
  2. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Just installed Tein s tech lowering springs on my WRX. Love the looks and drop amount but at low speeds when parking and backing out I get an awful pop from the front right strut. Ive double checked everything and it looks good and is tight. Ive tried loosening the center strut bolt on the top...
  3. Suspension & Wheels
    These are my first aftermarket wheels im buying so exuse me for being new to this. Ive dropped my wrx 1 inch in the front and.85 in the rear with meagan racing springs. Im looking at 18x9.5 +25 wheels. My concern is the fitment. Most threads recommended 18x9.5 +35 offset minimum. But when i look...
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    Hey guys! So I've been searching the web and reading forums on different springs and I really have no clue what to get. Right now I am running a stock 03 WRX and I am interested in getting some lowering springs for mainly physical appearance. However, I do not want to get springs that will end...
  5. Suspension & Wheels
    I want to get some lowering springs for my 04 and ive been looking at a few and some of them have major differences in spring rates. Ive seen some that have 4.1Kg/mm and some that have 10.2Kg/mm. Im assuming this is going to determine how stiff the springs are correct? But what is too stiff...
  6. Suspension & Wheels
    I was wondering if anyone on here has a picture or owns a WRX that is dropped approximately between 1-2 inches. Im planning on lowering it to get rid of that horrendous wheel gap and i would like to be able to see what it will look like, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Suspension & Wheels
    If I lower my 04 wrx wagon is there anything I have to do to the drivetrain? I'm new to this whole awd thing lol I just don't wanna blow it up or pop axles or anything or destroy my tranny...thanks
  8. Suspension & Wheels
    I want to lower my 2009 WRX but not sure which brand would be the best. I have read many good things on RalliTek springs. Let me know what you think? Price and quality.
  9. Suspension & Wheels
    on an '06 wagon........I don't want to drop the ride so much as to rub or bottom out but I do want a little better handling. So far I have read that the Mach V's are the best with the stock struts but I just wanted some confirmation from folks.
  10. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Pro-Kit# 7710.140 For Subaru, WRX, 2002-2003 I dont know anything about Subarus... This was given to me as part of a trade... Now im trying to sell it... The kit is brand new never been used, although the box is a little beat it. Price is $150 OBO Like I said, I dont know much if the price is...
  11. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    SOLD new in box STI springs for 08 WRX STI part # B2010FG100 B2010FG000 Need these things gone Asking $250 obo shipped $110 each from the dealer
1-11 of 13 Results