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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    I have an 06 Impreza WRX, and I currently lack the headlight bulb retaining springs/clip in each headlamp. I'm considering a few options, but seeing as I'm new to these headlight designs (I've owned some really old cars), I'd like some advice before I decide. I'm considering: Aftermarket...
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    Hello I have to asк people hu know beder!:( I put new suspension on my WRX 02 from STI red dumpers and red prodrive springs but the rear springs do not fit so I put the stock springs and I remark than the stock black WRX springs are more harder then the red prodrive springs! So is this real or...
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Name: Cody Contact: Pm or email at gdvsbp[at]gmail[dot]com Hey all, I'm looking to buy a set of RCE Yellow springs & bumps for an 08+ WRX. I've got the autox bug a lot worse than I thought I would, and the Epics just aren't cutting it. My offer: $300 shipped to 44012. Any takers?
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    I need to install struts and springs while my coilovers are rebuilt. I need the fronts as I sold them and only have the OEM rears, one of which is blown. When people talk about top hats, I'm assuming those are the metal round pieces just above the springs? I've heard I can use any 02-07 WRX...
  5. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey When do you guys think it's ok to take of snow tires and put on summer tires? I know that there are some rules regarding temperature or what not. I'm from NJ and it doesn't look like it will snow anymore but the temperatures overnight still are in the upper 20s or lower 30s.
1-5 of 5 Results