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  1. 2011 STi purchased last night..

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought the woman of my life a 2011 STi in Plasma Blue - awesome car + great buying experience = stoked Maybe I'll have to take her to work - and park the Camaro..
  2. OFFICIAL: Flavors of SoCal 2011

    South Western States
    Coming Soon! So first off, I want to thank everyone on SCS and our fellow Subie sites that helped make Flavors of SoCal such a great meet last year. We enjoyed many fantastic meets at some rather good places, and this year will be no different. Last year we helped bring together our Subie...
  3. Injen Catback 02-06 WRX STi

    SWS: Local For Sale Only !
    Like new, beautiful exhaust, barely used.. Polished and ready to go! has two used gaskets included.. I'm in Fontana, ca and this is for local sale only! I can drive half way for the sale, no shipping.. Asking $320.00 obo Believe this is the right info: Injen SES1201RS Cat-Back Exhaust...
  4. ft 04g35c silver auto socal

    Vehicles for sale
    basically i just found out im having a baby so i figured i would start looking for a 4 door asap. Good: just replaced window motors runs perfectly(never had a problem) one more year of warrenty from warrenty direct(bought the 2 year 36k mile package, i need to find out if this is transferable)...