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short ram

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    Hello im the owner of an 2003 subaru wrx. I want to install a cold air intake or a short ram intake. how can i bypass the oem airfilter without decreasing the regular airflow into the car. everything on the car is stock except for the Grimspeed up pipe i just ordered.
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    I just bought a short ram intake, and when I tried to install it my car would start and die. Do I need to reset something? Please help, i'm just starting to work on my 02 WRX, and would like any suggestions
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    I am selling a APS Short Ram intake w/ K&N air filter from my '03 WRX wagon for $50. I live in a north west suburb of Chicago called Des Plaines. The forum won't allow me to post pics yet, but I can send links to photos of the intake. Install is a breeze with basic tools and it really makes...