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short block

  1. Engine Modifications
    So I have a 2018 wrx with a spun bearing. I called a shop they estimated $20,000. I feel I can do it for less. I am starting to take the motor out tomorrow. The built short block should b here this week. I know I need the heads re surfaced and cleaned and a new gasket kit and timing chains oil...
  2. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    This is a stage 2.5 closed deck short block with manley 99.75 pistons / .210" pins, IAG H-beams / ARP2000 rod bolts. Motor was only driven for 2k miles. Came out of a car running perfectly fine. Cylinder walls are smooth and pistons are cleaned up. This motor has a power output of 700BHP. When...
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a 2002 WRX 2.0 shortblock with a spun bearing. Has 99,000 miles on it and would be perfect for a rebuild. The crank will have to be fixed but the rods and pistons are good. $150 - not looking to make much money on it but shipping isn't cheap. Local pickup in Rochester, MN available.