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  1. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    There is some sort of powder coming up through my hood scoop and streaking up my hood. I can just wipe it away but I want to know what is causing it. Do I need to do something about this? Bought her used and she's always done this but I have a warranty. Do I need to change a filter or...
  2. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello i want to buy a sti wing and hood scoop does not matter what color i just bought a 2004 silver wrx please pm me i live in ia 52577
  3. Exterior & Appearance
    I know it's been done before but I don't know where to buy the scoop or even how to fit it. I keep seeing the JDM STI hood scoop that just bolts into my car but I don't want that. I like the '04 scoop much more. Any suggestions? (places to buy, guides to fit, etc.)
  4. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I'm looking to get an JDM STi hood scoop for my 2003 MBP WRX. I'm willing to have it repainted, so that's not an issue. I am NOT interested in a carbon fiber one. I'm looking to spend no more than $60 or so, if possible, although I would be willing to spend more for a MBP one, if available...
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Like the title says, i'm looking to buy a JDM STI Hoodscoop for and '03 WRX. Preferably MBP, but i'll take an unpainted one as well. PM me for fastest response!
  6. Exterior & Appearance
    I am looking to replace my scoop. If anyone has one kicking around I need a WRB (World Rally Blue) one. If the STi one fits, then it doesn't matter if it's off an STi or a WRX. Thanks!
  7. Interior Mods
    Just upgraded my stock hood scoop to an STi style scoop. Does anyone know if the air diffuser/separator needs to be put back in place? If it doesn't really matter, I'm gonna leave it off...unless it's a bad idea for some reason. Thanks.
  8. Exterior & Appearance
    I'm new to forums and am getting an 03 bugeye next week and wanted to swap out the scoop for one that looks like an 04-05 sti scoop If you know any sites selling look alike scoops it will be a huge help
  9. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hey i am looking for a part from the blitz sbc id boost controller. i need the display that plugs into the brain because mine wasn't in my car when i bought it. I am also looking for a catback exhaust anyone is willing to sell. If anyone has an aspen white STI hood scoop to fit an 02 wrx i'd...
  10. Exterior & Appearance
    The tmic is horridly vulnerable to bent fins due to rocks, bugs, debris entering the hood scoop. Solution is to block the debris with a screen. I've seen this done 2 ways. 1. lay a screen over the intercooler. Not very effective imo because if the screen gets bent, the intercooler fins, in...
  11. Vendor Archived Threads
    I got some leftover WRX/ STI parts: Stock snorkus, uncut, perfect shape - $20 hood scoop air splitter (the part that sits below the actual scoop) - $50 SOLD Trunk inner latch - $15 Rear Aprons for 04-05 - $110 SOLD Make offers, guys, I'm just tryin to clean out the garage a little.