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  1. Car Purchasing Forum
    Hi Guys, Off the bat, Im new to this forum and STi's in general so trying to learn as much as I can while I look for a STi hatch to purchase. Im currently looking at a 2011 WRX STi hatch with about 64,600 miles being sold for $18,750. Mods detailed are: Cobb stage 1 ECU tune...
  2. Car Purchasing Forum
    Okay well I hate! my econobox Ford focus (mainly because it is an auto it was my only choice at the time). So that about sums up why I really want a new car lol. I am a full time college student looking for a job right now but I want to buy a wrx really bad I love the 05-07 sedans and I don't...
1-2 of 2 Results