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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    I'm sorry if this has been answered but I haven't been able to find anything yet. I have a 2007 WRX wagon and am wanting to lift it, widen the footprint, and increase tire height and width. I'm perfectly fine completely replacing the suspension, control arms, everything required. I'm already...
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    I recently got faction fab FL spec coils to go super low and when installing my right axle popped out and I pushed it back in damaging and ultimately had to end up replacing it.. if I keep it that low will I run into axle issues or is there a height that’s recommended
  3. Suspension & Wheels
    I have an '06 WRX that I am thinking about lowering. Problem is, I live in a state that can get some pretty heavy snow falls and sometimes it's clearance isn't good enough at OEM ride height. Has anybody found any good solutions for being able to lower the car during the summer and keep it OEM...
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    I just bought an 04 rex. The guy put some sort of ebay coilovers that are pretty adjustable and not all that terrible especially for ebay, but I'm not sure to what degree I can change the height. I wanna change the ride height to about stock +1-2" as cheaply as possible, and I wanna know if it's...
1-4 of 4 Results