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  1. 07 Sti

    New Member Introductions
    I have gotten a new, to me, 07 Sti and was wondering a few things about it. First I want to get some extra keys but I know the key that I have has and rfid chip in it and that the new keys are around $78 of which I think is dumb. I have looked into getting the titanium sti key for it and...
  2. New 07 Sti and keys

    STi Technical Forum
    I jsut got a new 07 Sti and only got one key for it. I wanted to get the nice titanum sti key for it but i found out that that key does not have an rfid chip. I can get a seperat chip to do the same thing and still use the key. I was wondering though if there is a cheep way to program the...