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  1. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Hey All, I'm new here and I've recently acquired a 2011 WRX Sedan that has an intake installed by previous owner, but I have no knowledge of a tune being done. I'd feel way more comfortable knowing I have a tune accounting for the intake and no risk of running lean. Anyway, eventually I am...
  2. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    What are the good kits these days? Specifically for ~300 whp. All my research indicated Gates used to be good but the quality went into the trash can around 2014. I have also seen recommendations for OEM but that looks like one of the most expensive options. Currently I am thinking Aisin vs...
  3. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hi everyone Im getting a 2020 or 2021 wrx fa20 (if it's still considered part of the same model cycle) This post is to ask the question to everyone that what exhaust is the best fit for what Im describing. Here's what Im thinking of; I need an exhaust that can idle with a decent rumble or...
1-3 of 3 Results