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  1. Clicking sound from rear

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hi Guys, I believe this is my first post on the forum. I am hearing a clicking sound coming from the rear of my car on the passenger side it sounds like. I can hear the sound as a drive through the neighborhood, I hear it when I am passing a parked car that is on the right side. It kind of...

    Transmission & AWD
    Hello, I´m new on this forum, I live in Spain and I have WRX SW 2005 at 50k I felt vibration on the steering wheel and I changed pads(necto) and discs(Tarox drilled), also front left bearing, and at the same time I changed the Shock aborbers for one Kayaba regulable in 4 postions. After 1k I...
  3. '06 rear bumper fit on '04 WRX?

    Exterior & Appearance
    A guy rear ended me and most places want $600-$700 to replace it. I found a used '06 rear plastic bumper for $30, but I don't know if it will fit on my '04 WRX sedan. Will it? Thanks
  4. New 2007 WRX owner. Questions re bumpers

    New Member Introductions
    Guys. I have just bought 2007 WRX (Sedan) and I need to get front and rear bumpers. I have three questions: 1) Is that true that Station Wagon bumpers will not fit into Sedan? 2) Are regular 2007 Impreza bumpers different from WRX? 3) Is 2004-2006 Impreza rear bumper gonna fit into 2007 WRX...
  5. FS: MN 17mm Rear Sway Bar, Stock OE

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    17mm Stock Rear Sway Bar + bushings off my '04 WRX (wagon). Should fit any '02-'07 Impreza wagon or sedan. I know the RS wagons have 13mm stock. This would be a significant upgrade... $30 OBO! I really really really want to sell this locally (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN). If someone wants...
  6. WTB: Front & Rear Strut Tower Brace '04 WRX/MN

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for a good deal on front & rear strut tower braces for a 2004 WRX wagon... I think anything 02+ will fit. Anyone have one (or both!) lying around? Ideally the rear would be Whiteline's quick-release model.
  7. MN: WTB Rear sway bar mounts, '04 WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    **PARANOIA CORRECTED -- I probably won't need these after all...** Yup, same guy. Just got under the car for the first time to take a look. Perhaps I'll be replacing the mounts after all. Anyone have some? Stock would be fine, as long as they're pretty new. I'm only going up to a 20mm bar.