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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    Loving the look of these new wheels by cheap and cheerful Drag. Weight is under 19lbs for an 18x8!!! Couldn't believe it. My budget was 3 times the cost of these - I was just about set on Enkei PF01s, but I'm glad I did a last minute internet sweep before buying. Got some nice Conti summer...
  2. Motorsports Talk
    It’s getting to be about that time to start planning for the annual Sno*Drift rally! Sno*Drift 2012 It’s mostly a 1.5-day event, but considering its location, it’s at least a 2-day event for most. This season’s rally will be January 27th-28th, 2012. The official schedule tends to show up...
  3. South Western States
    We left Day 1 with a list of items to follow-up: Test and review the effect of water on course with cars doing multiple passes Work out spacing of cars (how many cars can we have safely on course at the same time) Look at where ruts are forming and find a solution Measure the distance and time...
  4. South Western States
    Read the rest of my blog here
  5. Tri-State
    Wanna run a rally? Please join us in bringing Road Rally back to Philly Region this fall. Our first event will be a regional GTA rally through Upper Bucks County, just in time for you to traverse our course through the crisp fall air and beautiful autumn scenery. It will be a beautiful ride...
  6. Motorsports Talk
    Got some great pictures from this year's High Desert Trails Rally. All photos are by Keith Jackson. The new roads looked awesome, hope everyone had a blast out there. Big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers that pulled together to make this happen. Enjoy! Full Gallery here: High Desert...
  7. Motorsports Talk DI media guerrilla Brenten Kelly was on assignment to cover the 2011 running of Sno*Drift rally, the first round of the Rally America National Championship. Check out this stunning video from an even that once again lived up to its name. Special thanks...
  8. Motorsports Talk
    Hi, I just wanna share our videos form the 2010 season here in Norway. Hope you enjoy it :thumbup:
  9. Motorsports Talk
    For those interested. The subaru rally team will be racing in new jersey soon. Rallycross Round 2 Returns to New Jersey! Four-time and reigning Rally America National Champion Travis Pastrana and his Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) teammate Dave Mirra are scheduled to compete in Round 2 of the...
  10. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am getting rid of my sparco 4 point harnesses. They looked amazing in the interior but unfortunately I'm in need of some money. They are in mint condition. I'm looking to get around $180 shipped for these.
  11. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Photos of Mark(RecTec) a mate of mine Rally Replica Scooby :thumbup: . . . . . . . . . .cont......
  12. Motorsports Talk
    Next Round WRC Germany Aug 19-22 The second asphalt rally of the 2010 season, Rally Deutschland is held in Germany’s wine-producing Mosel region, near to the historic city of Trier. This may be a pure asphalt event, but it has one of the widest variety of sealed surfaces on the calendar. As...
  13. Member Show-Off & Photography
    We were a little slow to get these online, but if you're itching for some more rally photos here are our Oregon Trail Rally shots. Photos by Andrew Ellibee Full set here: As always you can visit out Flickr page to...
  14. Suspension & Wheels
    moderate to dry dirt and gravel..... lots of snow in the winter... was just wonderin,... would like to do this right thanx guys..
  15. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Flickr: brentenkelly's Photostream There is a bunch more I took, I will be uploading over the next couple days... Anyone else take any photos from the rally this weekend?
  16. North Western States
    Hey I am new here in Central Oregon and have been driving around trying to find some fun offroading trails to drive. I have found some near Shevlin Park that have some nice gravel turns but can get very rocky in spots. Does anyone know of some trails to drive in dirt or gravel in Central...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Does anyone know of some good dirt or off-roading trails in Oregon to take a fun rally drive???
  18. Exterior & Appearance
    Which do you guys think look better 02-07 Classic Mud Flaps Red Logo or 02-07 UR Rally Mud Flaps Red logo the second one is 30 dollars more expensive and appears to be shiny Fyi my car color is java black pearl
  19. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. Been into cars ever since I could walk. Lookin to get a subie next and try to get into some racing even. I was thinking of buying a used 09 in about a year or so, but I want to get learning about them and involved in the STI world before I own one. anyone have any thoughts/comments...
  20. Motorsports Talk
    Anyone out there ever driven in a rallycross? There's info on the SCCA website if you haven't heard of it. I'm a new WRX driver (stock silver 04) who's always loved watching rallying, and love the look of RallyX. Anyone with some experience with it got advice for a newbie?