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  1. Head unit?

    Electronics/Car Audio
    I’m looking to buy a new head unit for my 2017 wrx premium with backup camera. Has anyone found a reliable head unit that you could recommend? Also what are your thoughts on Idoing or Seicane aftermarket head units???
  2. Any Input on these Subs and Amp?

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Alright so I've decided that its time to replace the stock stereo system and wanted to know what everyone thought about what I'm gonna put in. For starters im putting in a JVC KW-HDR720 Radio in place of the stock one. JVC KW-HDR720 CD receiver at Then I'm going to put Sound...
  3. New owner of an 03 WRX, stock cd changer problems.. please help!

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Hello, I just got a stock 2003 UK WRX that was imported here in Peru. It has the stock radio and it only functions as that, as a radio. When I press the button to load the CDS absolutely nothing happens just stays into radio. Also, at night when the lights are on the buttons in the whole radio...
  4. For Sale Stock OEM CD player from 09 Hatch

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Any one interested in buying my 09 stock stereo? I know they dont sound that great, but maybe you want to return your car to stock specs... I dont have the harness since I used an adapter, but If you want it, let me know and make me an offer.
  5. For Sale OEM 6-CD changer

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    OEM 6-CD changer I removed from my bugeye. It works great and looks great as well, I just installed an aftermarket system and have no use for it. $50 + shipping
  6. New here. I drive a 5 speed 2003 WRX hatch and I couldn't think of another

    New Member Introductions
    car that I would want to drive. My name is Randy and I'm looking for information on after market audio installation. I'm looking to install a direct connection for my Ipod touch 4gen. I would probably settle for something as simple as an AUX connection, but if i'm going do some work, I...

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    hey guy, i just purchased a 2006 sti the weird thing about the car is when u unlock the windows so everyone can control there own windows the cars radio turns off, but when you press the window lock button, the radio works and the drivers side window works but no other window works from the...
  8. Car Audio

    Interior Mods
    I went to best buy, and they told me that they are very limited on what speakers they carry that will fit in my 05 wrx, because the oem speakers are very thin, and if I replace them, the windows won't roll all the way down.. I am a big music lover, and want a nice FULL sound with bass and...
  9. For Sale/Trade: Sony X-Plod Head unit

    NES: Local For Sale Only !
    For Sale/Trade: Sony X-Plod Head Unit / Paintball Gear / Airsoft / Routers / BB Guns Anything listed in this thread im willing to trade for WRX parts This is the head unit I pulled out of my last car. Model number : cdx-gt640ui Awesome unit its pretty much brand new. Has both AUX and USB...
  10. Question about speaker upgrade?

    Interior Mods
    I have an 07 impreza 2.5i and the stock speakers and head unit are horrible. I am looking to get some cheap upgrades from crutchfield to improve my sound and hook my ipod up. This is what I came up with can someone confirm these will work. Front Speakers-Kicker 07DS600 2-way car speakers For...
  11. Replacing the clock with a radio head unit?

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Hey everyone. This is my second post here. New owner of an 04 WRX. I saw a picture yesterday of a radio head unit that had been installed where the dash clock normally sits. It left the entire double-DIN radio area open, but it looked super clean having a single-DIN head unit in place of the...
  12. Has anyone installed Parrot Hands Free

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Has anyone installed the parrot handfree kit in their WRX. Supposedly you can wire into the factory radio without cutting wires using a harness and get hands-free calling through the speakers using bluetooth connectivity. You can also serve up music through a bluetooth enabled music player...