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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    Hey I recently moved out to Colorado and want to protect my car from the salt/chemicals they spread on the roads during the winter in Colorado. Does anyone have any ideas? I am looking for either more short term prevention methods or more expensive, permanent solutions. Thanks so much!
  2. Exterior & Appearance
    Ok so have you seen those Rally innovations skid guard. the ones that protect the Bumper and radiator. Well i have seen no pictures of the underside. does it cover the oil pan like a skid plate or no. and if not is there any that does both?? If not i will be trying to make one. Tell me what...
  3. Exterior & Appearance
    I just got a clear bra put on my '09 WRX. My car is a few months old and has about 4,100 miles on it. I had been thinking about getting a clear bra for a while, and decided I should definitely get one soon after I noticed there were already a few small chips on the hood. I had a 3M clear bra...
1-3 of 3 Results