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  1. Builds
    Hi there! I'm currently driving an 07 n/a Hawkeye and it's a project car of mine. Before I start, I know it is more efficient and cost-effective if I just purchase a wrx, however I am purely doing this swap for fun and for the learning experience. I'm not concerned about the cost. After that...
  2. MS: Local For Sale Only !
    Hey all - Well, the unthinkable happened and my beautiful WRX blew a seal on I-25 and then promptly seized up. The engine won't turn over and the quotes from local shops I have gotten are all around $9k to fix her. My wife and I have a baby girl on the way and don't think we can swing it, so I...
  3. Project Inspector Gadget

    Parts list so far: 11/2019 Perrin Pulleys Waterpump kit IAG TGV deletes GFB BOV Braided fuel lines AEM 340L pump Tomei FPR GS EBCS Perrin Pitch mount...
1-3 of 4 Results