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  1. Low boost help

    Engine Performance
    Hi, I have a 2012 sti with a Cobb intake, catted downpipe, etune by brentuning and I recently had a Cobb turbo inlet installed. The day after the install, I noticed that I could not hit more than 10psi. I am tuned for 18.5 psi and before the install I was hitting 15-16psi quite easily now I hit...
  2. Locked out of every gear

    Transmission & AWD
    I have (had) a 2005 wrx with 240k miles and when I came to a stoplight and stopped it wouldn’t let me in first. Or second. Or any gear. I had to push it through the intersection. At least it’s stuck in neutral. It’s at a shop now. Any idea what happened? I wasn’t racing around or anything
  3. Passenger Window Issue

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    2017 WRX - I had my battery unhooked today. When I hooked it back up, my passenger window will not go up or down with the driver controls. Now, using passenger controls it will go down fine - but only come up a few inches every time I pull up on the lever/switch. Not sure how to fix this issue...
  4. Problems with fuel door/trunk release

    Engine Modifications
    Hey everybody, I'm having issues with my release handles for my trunk and fuel door (they are both stuck together and the fuel door cable no longer seems to be connected to the handle at all) My car is a 2011 Sti and I'm just wondering if anybody knows how I can remove the actual release handles...
  5. clutch problem ?!?! idkkkkk

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    alright this is the first time owning a subie sti .. so heres the problem on the right passenger side when i roll down the passenger window at 2 rpms i can hear a grinding sound (kinda metal sound) only at 2 rpms* if i keep the rev at 2 rpms you can hear it it wont go away... also when i...
  6. What The F*&% is wrong??!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    When at 5-7k rpm's in 2nd, 3rd, and, 4th gear, my completely stock '04 WRX spudders.. it wont go through the 5-7k rpm range smothly, it seems like a transmission problem almost like it's slipping but i dont feel anything on the shifter just the engine spudders. It came up with an check engine...
  7. 2005 WRX having some weird/bad issues. HELP!

    Engine Modifications
    OK so I purchased this car about 6 months ago. Started having issues, turned out to be rings in cyls 2 and 4 were shot. The car was modded before I bought it pretty heavily I assume. So they fixed that brand new short block etc. Fixed the shaky start up and you can feel all the power from the...
  8. Installing Sub in Boot

    Interior Mods
    Ok so I've recently bought an entire new audio system and everything's installed but I'm having trouble deciding where to mount the sub box. I own a 2002 Impreza RX. I bought straps for it and the only place that seems like it might work is on the left side in front of the jack but 1, I don't...
  9. Headers and Up Pipe trouble

    Engine Modifications
    Ok, so I have a 2005 Wrx, and I the mods are as follows: Clutch Masters Stg. 2 clutch Megan Racing Up Pipe Megan Racing Headers Turbo XS Top Mount Intercooler Perrin TBE Perrin Cold Air Intake Cobb Tune Stg. 2 NOW, I just put on the Up Pipe and Headers like an hour ago, and I was expecting...
  10. Odd Clunkin on Acceleration

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey gotta 05 WRX at 199,912 miles as of tonight. I have been noticing an odd sound when I start going from a stop. It only really happens if I put some gas down, if I baby the start I usually cannot hear/feel it. It sounds a lot like the passenger side seat clicking into place, but I know it is...
  11. Simple question after blowing second gear in wrx. Sti Swap?

    Transmission & AWD
    I have stage like 2.5 02 wrx. I just blew and fixed first gear. (Ton of money). now a week later I blew second... For one is it okay to drive it with second peeled off? and what years of Sti trannys can I swap with it? I've been able to find the whole 2005 swap but I dont know what fits...
  12. Probelms after installing Carbon-Ti

    Engine Modifications
    Hey I'm not sure if this is even where to put this but I need MAJOR help. I have an 02 wrx. The boost is up pretty high. I just had a full Turboback catless HKS Carbon Ti exhaust put on. Now I'm getting flashing check engine light with code saying camshaft position sensor malfunction. it...
  13. Help-noob

    New Member Introductions
    Hey peeps, new guy from utah/virginia here. i have a 02 wrx and im havin some issues, earlier today i had smoke coming from my hood, so i took a look and there was smoke coming from my turbo or somewhere in that general area. i pulled over and sat for a min with the car off and it eventually...
  14. Air filter problems!!!!!! Please help

    Engine Modifications
    Iv recently fited an air filter to my car, when i went to test it on road it sounded great which is what i wanted but after i was free from trafic i put my foot down and at around 5 thoudand RPM its like the rev limiter cut in where it would normally come in at 7 thousand i think. could any one...
  15. wrx problem

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi All,I drive a 2004 impreza wrx, manual trans, lately when I drive it's so weird because when for example I put the car in second gear, press (acc.pedal harder) and get to about 4000 rpm the car just doesn't accelerate, like there's no turbo, engine gets loud but the car just doesn't take off...
  16. Water leaking under dash on passenger side when AC on

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    So I'm just curious if anyone has an idea as to what the problem could be. I have an 02. The problem started about a week ago and it happens when i turn the air conditioning on. It takes at least 5 minutes until it starts but what i think is that it must be condensation forming. I can start to...
  17. Engine Replaced - Turbo Problems - Help

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    My 2004 WRX engine died last week. My car has 135k miles on it, and I had the engine replaced with a used engine with 68k miles that was in a rear-end crash. The garage replaced the engine and turbo, but now when accelerating the boost on the turbo never goes above 0.04 MPa. It used to go up...
  18. Will this work?

    Suspension & Wheels
    I have tried to research but i just need some reassurance. I have a 03 wrx and I have Tein basic Coil Overs. I would like to get 17x9 Rota torques with 245/40r17 nexen n3000. Could i be running into some problems with this set up? Thanks -Clay specs for wheels: Product Details: Wheel Style...