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  1. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, Im going to port my oem turbo on my 07 wrx, Do I need new turbo gaskets? OEM bolts? Can anyone who has done this or who knows how to do this give me a list of the parts I should get? And maybe a good place to order from? I know I need, new oil, coolent and Id assume new gaskets. But Im...
  2. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2006 2.5L WRX Cobb AccessPort Gen1 for sale. I'm only asking $150. Everything included. Located in Brooklyn, NYC
  3. North Western States
    I need an accessport for my 2007 WRX. Does anyone have one that they dont need anymore? Just let me know how much! Thankss
  4. Engine Modifications
    I want to meet up with some tuners from washington to see their mods and all that stuff. I also want to see if anyone would let me use their Accessport for a 2007 WRX. I will pay you!! Thanks!