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  1. Clock Gauge / Pod

    Interior Mods
    So I decided to go forth and try an fix the clock on my 02 WRX (because it's a widely known problem). I managed to get the housing off and the clock out. I'm currently working on fixing the connections before snapping it back together. However, I began to wonder if there was a clock they made...
  2. MB gauge pod install...Help!

    Interior Mods
    So i just got my prosport boost gauge all wired in... and am in a little delay. im not sure what the best way to attach the MB pod to my dash is. the instructions don't say much, they suggested glue,double sided tape,or velcro (which all seems kinda sketchy). i figure ill most likely use some...
  3. autometer single a pillar?

    Interior Mods
    was lookin at the auto-meter single a-pillar gauge pod... any opinions?... hows the fit on an 07 wrx?
  4. Pod Filter

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi everyone, Just brought a 97 WRX had it for 3 weeks now, i've had some comments about my pod filter, some say i should change back to the original air box, and some say that its all good if its plumbed properly and some people say WRX's are ****, well screw them haha. Anyway my question is...