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  1. New owner of an 03 WRX, stock cd changer problems.. please help!

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Hello, I just got a stock 2003 UK WRX that was imported here in Peru. It has the stock radio and it only functions as that, as a radio. When I press the button to load the CDS absolutely nothing happens just stays into radio. Also, at night when the lights are on the buttons in the whole radio...
  2. short throw shifter with 2009 WRX

    Transmission & AWD
    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum and i am about to get a 2009/2010 wrx. I took a few test drives and simply loved it except for one thing. Didn't like the play in the shifter. It felt too Rubbery and loose ( compared to the ones in GTI and mazdaspeed3 ). But I believe there is a fix for this...