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  1. Engine Modifications
    Hi I'm new here, I have a bone stock 2016 Subaru WRX I bought 2 months ago used with 37k miles. Due to the FA24DIT being direct injection I wanted to install a Perrin Air Oil Separator. I ended up buying and installing it and a month later I wanted to check on it. When I pulled off intercooler...
  2. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to sell my dp for my 2016 wrx for 350 or best offer I also have my sti wing for sell with three perrin stabilizers for 500 or best offer i live in the reno nv area
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    08-11 wrx Perrin catback 725 shipped!! it is used and has some scratches but they wont be noticed once mounted on the car.
  4. Engine Modifications
    does anyone know if the perrin radiator shroud fits with the stock airbox on a 2011 WRX?
  5. Engine Modifications
    I just installed a used Perrin Intake on my 09 WRX... Current Mods include SPT CBE and stock DP. any reason there is a little lag around 4k to 4.5 rpms? otherwise i like it and it sounds like i have a BOV installed. Whats your guys' input?
  6. Engine Performance
    :shakehead: Hello all i recently just purchased a fmic for my 2004 sti. I am having problems with installing it i just want to have some things verified. Upon installing perrins fmic i have run into several issuses. 1- fuel lines and ac lines - DO you have to leave them unmounted from the...
  7. Engine Performance
    Hello all, I just recently bought a gt3076r :) I was wondering if anyone had installed one with the perrin kit and just wanted some details or any advice you could give me on the install. Thanks again!
  8. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    UTEC Turbo XS engine managment system, will 2002 to 2005 wrx, brand new with box, never used stage 4 tune on int but it is programmable= 175.00 obo Like brand new Precision Power Stage one clutch only 500 miles comes with pressure plate,i up graded to exedy= 65.00 2002 wrx 2.0 Engine short...
  9. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I ended up not needing the Perrin down pipe and never got a chance to even install it so it is still brand new. In case anyone was wondering the cost without looking at the link...
  10. Dealership, Vendor, and Installer Review
    I made the purchase a while back and just recently installed it. Went with the black catback exhaust to match my silver '08 WRX. It was on back order for about a month, but finally made its way to my door. The install went fine, everything fit nicely. More specific instructions would have...
  11. Engine Modifications
    Hi guys, 09 WRX owner. Was looking at the Perrin Stage 1, and Stage 2. Stage 2 - 68 ft lbs 46 whp, Stage 1 - 54 ft lbs 38 whp. But wow the difference in cost is like $1300, for a gain of 14 ft lbs and 7 whp, worth it? I personally do not like the sound of the Perrin exhaust so probably doesn't...
  12. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Just installed last week, simple flash and Perrin overnight shipping for the price of ground shipping was much appreciated. Got the 93 octane map with a target boost of 17 psi (sea level). My initial driving impressions were mixed. The surge of power around 2500-3000 is impressive, but rather...
  13. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, hoping you can help. I am newbie to this so be easy on me. Was looking at the Cobb AccessPort as well as the Perrin. Probably Stage 1 due to $. Just seems that there is a significant advantage in power gains with the Perrin, why would that be? Especially at Stage 1, the Access Ports...
  14. Engine Modifications
    Flatirons Tuning Project Car: Part 5: INTAKES DON’T WORK! Or do they??? It is easily one of the most discussed issues out there as far as performance, and just about everyone will tell you that they know the real deal when it comes to intakes and WRXs. There are basically two theories out...
  15. Dealership, Vendor, and Installer Review
    is perrin performance a good reliable company? i'm looking at a srut bar, cold air intake, turbo back exhaust and an up pipe
  16. Exterior & Appearance
    hey i have a perrin fmic on my sti and when i was installing it the perrin stencil that comes with it to paint the intercooler with accidentally got thrown away.. so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a new stencil? thanks..
1-16 of 18 Results