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  1. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am in the process of parting out my 06 wrx, to sell it and get a new wrx. Here's a list of what I will be selling,price, pics and more info can be given through emails. -email is [email protected] -All parts have less than 40k miles on them- Sti turbo vf39 Sti top mount ic...
  2. Exterior & Appearance
    I was wondering if the 02 wagon and sedan have interchangeable bumpers, and fenders, i was comparing with my buddy and it looks like they should swap out but i just want to make sure before I buy parts off of sedans and they dont fit
  3. Suspension & Wheels
    Do you take your subaru off road? I am curios, what all parts would I need to safely take a subaru off road? I found a list of suspension upgrades here: Off Road Package That seems pretty comprehensive for bracing and stability parts, but is it all necessary? :screwy: That's a lot of off...
  4. Vendor Archived Threads
    I still have a few parts left from my old '02 WRX, including my old shortblock with a spun bearing. Here is the link to my ad on Craigslist. I am willing to ship all but the shortblock.
1-4 of 7 Results