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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    I have a base model 2014 WRX. I want to lift it 2", and put fat tires on it. what does clubWRX think the best way to go about doing this is.
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    I have an 03 WRX and im looking to choose a suspension set up that handles well on the road but can also take some off roading. Variable ride hight would be awesome but Im cool with it being higher up. Any ideas?
  3. Suspension & Wheels
    So, I've got this crazy idea for a WRX modification that is inspired by the "Truggy" [Trophy Truck + AWD Buggy] R/C Car segment and the Jeep Lower Forty Wrangler Concept; though, not to the extreme degree shown on these vehicles. It essentially boils down to this: lifting the vehicle with...
  4. Suspension & Wheels
    Do you take your subaru off road? I am curios, what all parts would I need to safely take a subaru off road? I found a list of suspension upgrades here: Off Road Package That seems pretty comprehensive for bracing and stability parts, but is it all necessary? :screwy: That's a lot of off...