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  1. Warranty/ BOV Question

    New Member Introductions
    Recently bought my first rex (new 2011) and new member to club WRX. I was reading a PDF about the warranty and it seams like anything you mod to boost performance can come back to bite you on the warranty. For most things, I'll probably just order SPT parts and have the dealership install them...
  2. 04 STi Exhaust, any suggestions?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, still new and still a million questions. My 04 STi is still stock for the most part. It has a short ram air intake i believe but no other mods and the first thing i want to do is add an exhaust. I'm looking to do a cat-back that gives me the best gains but i don't want a loud roar with...
  3. -Noob- Do I need to remove foglights to have covers?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, just got my first WRX a couple weeks ago and I am looking to get some foglight covers. I'm curious if I have to remove the fog lights to install the covers, or do I just fit them in and cover the foglights? Second question: Where can I get a decently priced STi hood scoop for my 2003...
  4. -Noob- Do I need a Front Mount Intercooler? Help!

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, I just got my first Subaru Impreza WRX 2003 bugeye two weeks ago. I am loving this thing to death, definitely beats my old civic and e36. Yesterday, I traded my WRB hood for a Carbon Fiber hood with a reverse scoop and I mentioned it to the previous owner of my WRX, he said that I...
  5. New Subie Owner!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! I just got my first Scooby last month. Its a 2004 WRX its a huge change coming from my last car an 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0. I am highly interested in getting involved on here and learning more about these great cars! As of right now my WRX is bone stock with 112k miles on it. Not...
  6. Another new member :)

    New Member Introductions
    Hey just wanted to give a friendly introduction, I have to admit i dont currently own a scooby myself, but i am hoping to purchase one either during or after college. My dream is to work on/ build an 08+ sti. If my budget allows it of course. Btw im rlly interested in learning as much as i can...
  7. 2010 STI SE on the way

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    After 3 glorious years with my 350Z track I have finally reached the point in my life where 2 seats won't cut it anymore. So I took the plunge and ordered an STI! Originally looked at the base 2010 WRX but it fell a little flat after my tour with the Z. Not that it isn't a great little car, just...
  8. 2007 wrx tr

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    Hi Everyone, I just registered for the site today, but have been researching all the knowledge you guys have to offer for the longest time. I just bought a 2007 WRX TR about a week ago, having wanted a Subaru for a couple of years. I waited until I found one that I really liked. I bought it...
  9. subie noob

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    :)hi, i have never owned a wrx and have just fallen in love with one... im going for a test drive soon and was wondering if there are any major problems impreza's are prone to. the car is a 02 and has 80k miles on it. thanks ahead of time.:)